Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Dropping Emotional Baggage for Optimum Singing

JAMES MENY: Okay. So let’s just say that we’re
singing something that’s going to include runs, whether it be classical or an R&B run
or a country run or something. If you can do that smoothly without the weight of all
these muscles, you can do it actually fairly quickly and you can do it up and down your
range without any problems. But as soon as you add the neck muscles or the tongue muscle
or anything of that stuff to your run, it would be similar to like running track with
a 5 year-old kid on your back. You can still do it, you’re just going to lose a little
speed and endurance out of that. It’s going to tire you out a little quicker. So checking
it, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, and monitoring that is going to let you know you’re singing
correctly or not.


I watched all of the videos and this is the question that I was hoping you would answer which is… how do you do a run or train your voice to do a run?

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