Singing Lessons : Singing Lessons: Handling Rejection

Alright, Lady J here. This is my last segment.
It’s been really a lot of fun. I want to tell you guys one last time my web site is
It stands for J net. Why were you rejected? OK? You go into your audi, your audition,
you feel like you nailed it. You feel like you were everything that these directors could
ever want. You don’t really know. You don’t know exactly what these directors want. You
don’t know your competition. A lot of times with professional, and semi-professional theater,
they already have someone picked out. They could be bringing, they, they sometimes they
are sometimes recruiting for months and months, sometimes a year in advance. Some of their
lead roles that you wanted. Sometimes you just don’t know if you didn’t get picked because
you don’t have blond hair, or you don’t have short hair, or don’t have this or that. You
never know. The lead guy could be way shorter than you and that could be the reason. They
already have someone that they know. You don’t know. Don’t beat yourself up. OK. Have a good
time. OK? A lot of times it takes ten no’s to get one yes. Sometimes more than that.
If you love what you’re doing, get right back on the horse. First of all go home, scream
into your pillows, say some bad words, whatever. Get it out. But don’t let it carry with you,
get over it and get right back out there. And keep learning, keep progressing and keep
challenging yourself. Make those choices. This is Lady J, Jeanette Herrera, with Expert It’s been a pleasure.

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