Singing Lessons Raising Your Eyebrow’s Makes A Difference When Singing

how’s it going guys how’s it going I
hope that all of you are feeling great today you know I’m gonna get started in
just a moment here give me just a moment I hope that all of you are having a a
happy Friday a fantastic Friday you know looking forward to having an even
Pleasant a weekend you know I’m glad that you guys are here with me that’s
for sure and as always you know we will do great things together and that’s for
sure we will do great things together ladies and gentleman please give me just
a moment here I’m trying to get to a page so I can see who’s here okay we’re
all good guys I hope like I said I hope that all of you are having a pleasant
day today and you know a happy Friday you know I hope that all of you have had
a safe and productive week I’m not going to be here before you long today you
know what we’re going to go over is the importance of uh you know raising your
eyebrows you know in the sound and the resonation you know and you know getting
the voice to move forward or getting your vocals to move forward the sound to
move forward we’re going to go over some us and some exercises battle you know
that will loosen your jaw area if you just so happen for any reason to have a
disorder or many of you may have lockjaw or something like that you know of that
nature of nature things of that nature if you just so happen to be having
those kind of complications these simple exercises are going to help you and
especially in raising the pallet you know the pallet that that’s very
important that you raise the pallet while singing I’m going to sing a little
something for you you know I love music I love all sorts
of music different you know it varies with the type of music or style of music
that I listen to I listen to all of it I’m a fan of pretty much every genre of
music you know so I’m going to give you a sample of what the difference of uh
you know lifting your pallet will do while singing this right here is a rock
song very very familiar you know one of my favorite bands you know Bon Jovi just
take a listen just take a listen and and just watch you know just watch be sure
to watch exactly what I’m doing you know I’m gonna go with the posture and
everything I want you to zoom that zoom in I’m sorry with the posture and
everything you know I’m sitting in the chair I’m sitting down you know and my
posture is going to be correct you know and I want you to listen and I want you
to also watch my facial expressions the facial expressions that I’m making you
know as I sing this song okay would be here goes nothing guys I’m shining heart
and you’re to blame if you give a bad name i play my part and you play your
game baby you give a bad name you give love yeah bow-bow hey you gotta me excuse me what
I did was did you notice the way that my eyebrows were raised when you raise your
eyebrows you know you would notice that okay in your head there’s lots of space
here in your head you know in this area right here there’s so much space and I
asked that you guys you know utilize that space you know properly you love
utilize that’s that space that you have you know concerning your reservation and
getting the sound to move forward it’s very important there’s lots of space
here in this area and when you sing it use that space you know you’re going to
be using your vocals but you’re through when you use your through it’s going to
be to a minimum you don’t necessarily have to use your throat all the time you
know uh you’re using it as an instrument to produce sound alone with your vocals
but every part of your vocal cord and you know you have to use or you have to
master you know how to use the through when and we’re not to sing from the
throat you know and as a rock singer you know uh many of them they use their
throats and they drink lots of alcohol you know let me cigarette but ah not all
the time you know but up here there’s a lot of space you know in the head area
and make sure that you use you know the consonants or the vowels that are
necessary to produce the sound back here you know for the resonance when you are
prepared to bring that down forward you know and as I said before I started this
video I’m going to go over a few exercises that you can use in a few
vowel sounds that you can use to loosen you know jump you know and it’s good for
people that has some sort of attention in their jaw or for those of you that
have you know a disorder you know but use
utilize the space that you had you know and you can feel it you know because
while you’re singing you want to release the palette and by you probably probably
using the the vowels that you have you know uh in certain sounds
you know you’ll release the tension that you have which is why you should always
warm up at least ten minutes in addition to any singing or any performance or you
know even sometimes if you have a job you know day to day or daily you know
this is what your job or your position consists of is talking do you know all
day long you know it’s good for that as well god and I want you to take heed to
everything that I’m saying and I want you to utilize these practices you know
and becoming greater singing singers and raising your eyebrows will help you to
unlock the palate by raising your palate you see raising your eyebrows will
definitely help to release that sound that you need moving it forward move
forward now I want you to listen to me again and I want you to watch the way
that I’m using my consonants or my vowels in order to unlock you you’ll
realize that you’ll hear the rasping is in certain areas of the song that I’m
singing when a while I’m singing you’ll realize these things and you’ll hear a
bit of a rasp enos that’s when I begin singing from the throat
see there’s a difference now listen to me again god I’m shot through the heart
and you’re too big baby you give them bending I play my part and you do you
play old game baby you give but banding through you you give yeah
see I’m shot through the heart and you’re to blame baby you give up a bad
thing I play my part and you play your game baby you give them a bad name
throat you give yeah you see what I mean can you tell the difference when I sing
through you know coming from the throat you hit a bit of a rasping you know I
kind of slaughter the song anyway you know I’m sorry that that please forgive
me you know I’m a big fan of Jovi you know Bon Jovi you guys are incredible I
listened to you guys quite often I love yourself you know although you know you
guys were around 80s early 90s I listen to it all I listen to it all days and
gentlemen but raising your eyebrows ladies and gentlemen makes the
difference and to help you in doing that Raising Your Eyebrow’s Releasing Your Power raising your eyebrows
releasing your power your palate Oh be there simple vowels or
consonants that you can use you know like kah kah kah
you know kah kah kah that that sound alone the car will release the palette
you know yeah the Yassa God yo yo yo yo yo yo yo y’all see your your your your
your your yo yo yo Oh see ha ha ha see that it’s releasing you know the
power that’s what’s necessary it’s releasing the power God y’all y’all
y’all y’all y’all y’all y’all y’all and if you put both your index fingers the
left and your right index finger behind the job just behind the job you’ll feel
it you’ll feel and in your throat you’ll feel you’ll feel the resonance moving
forward you know in your vocal cord cork and sorry so try it God and tell me what
you think go ahead try try it wooden we’re gonna do yah yah yah yah yah ok
come on let’s do it ready 1 2 3 yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo all yo yo yo yo y’all see now what we’re
gonna do we’re gonna use the car okay come on 1 2 3 see now what I want you to do is I want
you to use those exercises I’m going to post this video on the Facebook it’s not
today not Facebook for YouTube I’m sorry if not today it’ll definitely be
tomorrow ok guys but I want you to utilize the
instruction that I just briefly getting and I want you to use this daily as much
as possible thank you guys for tuning in and thank you guys that joined the
Emerald music group spree vocal training and thanks but thanks to those also that
are attending and those that truly desire to be here in 10 but
unfortunately they haven’t made it round yet but I know that very soon they will
make a decision a final decision as into what they want to do actually or what
they really want to do with their their gets you know the gift was not given to
YouTube to be wasted you know nor was your time and I think this time that
you’re spending with me it’s for a great cause guy so I encourage each and every
one of you as individuals rather your mother your grandmother your grandfather
your cousin your any relative for that matter I encourage you to tell them to
get involved maybe if someone that you know of and you know or someone that you
know that has talent but you know they just don’t want to move forward thing
but let them know that this training causes absolutely free and William
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o’clock high noon we’re just essential I’m sorry and be sure to tune in God you
know and as I say always use you know use these you know use these videos to
your advantage you know there’s no telling how long I’ll be doing this you
know before I move on to something new or move on to the next thing you know
but it’s my responsibility to take care of you and to look out for you
you know we have to look out for each other we’re a community where musicians
where artists you know and we all are create you know we we all are creative
you know and in our very own way and I just want to share you know I appreciate
your energy I appreciate your love and I want there to be a continuance of us
having this bond you guys be sure to keep those videos coming you know for
the emerald music groups free absolutely free vocal training keep those videos
coming so we can work with you you know send a brief video over to us you know
singing and what we’ll do is we’ll soon you know send that same video of that
same songs of the rendition of the song that the actual song that you sang you
know is sent over to us and what we’re going to do is look at it’s in that same
video back with the same song to you after your submission you know giving
you pointers on where you went wrong and how you can correct where you went wrong
improving your vocal ability or your skills you know as an artist or as a
singer and as a vocalist you know a trip the real will I’m sorry the real will
nine five four at once again the real will nine five four at and we’ll be sure to get back in touch with you guys within 24 hours
we ask that you give us at least 24 hours because there are several other
people that you know that’s involved in this program
and you know there’s quite a few you know and we will be sure to get back to
you in a timely manner we just ask that you you have patience with us okay so
this is going to conclude why you should raise your eyebrows while singing this
is going to conclude I’m sorry guys I was looking at them this is going to
conclude this session or this portion of this video the emerald music groups free
vocal training course and as I said always guys until next time we’ll see
you there we will do great things together baby okay see you guys later
thanks a lot I love you guys and until next time peace you

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