Singing Lessons Improve your Recording by Singing Consonants

hello musicians thank you for joining us
my name is andrew mercer and this short tutorial i’m gonna talk a little bit of
a vocal technique for singing at the wrapping specifically only talking the concepts now subscribers adhering to bomb asked
me how can i make my vocal tracks whether singing rapping allot crisper
likelier and one of the very easy way to do that is through your concepts oftentimes people singing and the same
he recordings it preview for the mile from time to hear remodeled hotmail
model constants you know there be appeased sound like
bees in dirty xam ladies and you know it’s israel of so you really want it really
it comes as the rangers clearly very clear you can practice these two that there
are a number of seems you can use for this uh… and easy to work saying things like the tip of the time
of the teeth the lips you know do you think that attitude to
using your teachers in here you know the tip of the time that he
thought it stressing that also you try and red
leather yellow leather they’re they’re numbered easy to do with
searching and try to find helpful consonants uh… examples that you might find it
doesn’t interesting that’s an interesting ones seem like twenty times getting clearer and clearer everytime insane everyday so you’re you’re you’re getting also
senior in your all of your uh… you know your vocal apparatus uh… really worked out and then as you as you do more more this
year but if i was going to be put to better better any records record yourself singing something or wrapping something
and then play it back uh… i’ll so think about things like
some examples itin breast is typically a breeze this machine of the some very
very clear consonants in sacto roche is wrapping uh… chuck d_ from public enemy sinking
beary career concepts so you want to get those cuts isn’t there uh… singing sinking and you can you
can check out almost any really fine singer you’ll hear very
clear concepts so worked at that record self-interest
to back and improve improve takes all time uh… ibn al has nothing to do a
recording as such it’s it hits and you know it’s an apparatus thing it’s it’s
appropriate say it’s a thing with your new musical performance that you need to
improve so we’ll work on that uh… if you like this is not taking it on
supplies also subscribe course because there’s
lots of videos this or coming in and as an air here online already and my
channel and uh… this question comes from many
subscribers to a vast itself we sat if you have a question your honor put down the common stocks are traded at uh… i mean i can every way ’cause if
you have a lot of request but but uh… put it in the air and said we all see
what i can do teach you online all case of a free lunch i’ll see you next time


Hey AirForceBrony,
YT will not let me post link, but it is audacity sourceforge net. If you are new to Audacity I have many great things to learn in my Video Guide to Audacity on my site MakeAndBreakEducation (link in video description). There is a detailed tutorial in there on how to download and install Audacity.

is there no way to make it easier to finding the right… recording… volume?
i hate when even though i use a pop filter my voice is too quiet but my consonants clip.

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