Singing Lessons Breathing Technique

Hello musicians thank you for joining in
my name’s andrew mercer and in the short tutorial i’m gonna speak a little bit
about vocal techniques and specifically greeting keeping your
pet shop many subscribers hearing you to have
asked me how they can improve their vocals whether recording or seeing live
they want to make the vocals better uh… the the main uh… thing you have to
start with in getting a good recording the vocals is is get the best you can at one of your own
apparatus what you have to be best you can so one of the things that people lack on
mon a quite a bit is uh… isn’t breathing they oftentimes
they don’t use enough ear that’s very common very very common and it may be
with you so uh… if you think about that year
has been sick if you compare to occur secure fuel that keeps the cargo in the
year is the same way if you have enough fuel cars after work right and sinking of the year so you need to make sure that using all the
capacity of the year you can as you can as you uh… as you see now when you go to sing educates we’ve been to sing for phrase fill your lungs full of year you know
maxell you’re hearing your loans and then uh… as seen through the current
views that you are trying to use that your even if you singing relatively
quietly you still want to use a lot of the year you know more than most likely
more than when using now so uses much here as you can through a
phrase and then if you have here left over at the end of the phrase exhale
dividends and inhale new here and feel of lands back up again and start the
next race miss relieved it’s going to really
improve your tone no doubt and it’s definitely a pitch to you get one of the year is difficult to
keep you can’t really say the moves up and down and oftentimes we hear people send me uh… will give us any recordings i have
a listen i’ve been pitching problems nir always a little o you know or military and peace but they
receive certain run of the year they start to drop you know so that’s it’s an ear issues so constituted fold for one severe and use it now how can we do that well you want to use to fill your lungs
up so you want to some exercises to do that and and and google search of find
lots of breathing exercises for uh… for singing uh… and wrapping it up uh… couple of things you can try uh…
and i have was at work with the passage of this kind of thing and reworked
detailee was completely with the air you know you see there full like i mean
after the fall and then tried to get a couple bit more clues you know couple more inhale stu strain
creature capacity you know so your really work in the full loans uh… and then when you fill your lungs
out let it out stallings sort hissing sound slick willie king tires a bit let that at the end and make it goes along you can’t andy maybe look at forty five seconds or
maybe you’ll get a minute and then write that down right recanted it and then
give yourself five minutes and try to get her cup minutes because we do it too
often you get light-headed rate then again you know we needed a
minute in ten seconds for some like that and then try to get into a different
sort of uh… look at this economy these different tone if you’d like a but that’s the case you know things like that so dip do
different things that are gonna make it interesting so try that and again that’s going to
really help your pitch it’s really going to help your tone it’ll make you feel
better missing too because you getting enough here allotted often types of
people are singing the yani s because you’re you’re not using another year or
when they do feature phrase they don’t let it all the all the air blow all the whole thing we’re adding
something new stuff they end up sleeping in that’s the
lawyer and makes you want to get on so daves you’ve been nuno a got a breathing
problem anyway so this’ll work on that now if this video assistant vp shorts of
this we’ll help you give me it give me a lot like and if it’s a uh… if you have
any questions you want answered women come in section below i don’t know the answer op at some
friends of mine we’ll figure it out and uh… subscribed iran many videos
appear online that had to do with the stuff to my channel and i’m putting a
more so bashar subscribe keep on top of that ok keep wrexham i’ll see you next time


Hi VideoHereBob,
Good question. The quick answer is, yes. You really want your diaphragm to be doing the work for you. As you exhale your diaphragm is raising up and pushing air out. It will drop down with an inhale. You should try your best not to let your ribcage collapse during the process. Your ribs will be working a little, but your diaphragm is doing the bulk of the work.

hey can u mail me ur email id i wld like to send my few voice recordings and you jst help me out tht hw should i make my voice a mixed voice with chest voice and head voice,my email id is [email protected]

My pleasure Nate. If you are new to Audacity be sure to check out my other tutorials and Video Guide to Audacity at my site MakeAndBreakEducation (link in the video description). Lots to learn in there.

Thank you,


Hi Andrew .Thanks for your videoand your time.I am an amuter and I m trying how to breath but I m confused because some vocal coaches support mouth breathing and some others nose breathing.What is your oppinion?

Hiii sir Thank u for ur wonderful video.. And by the way i ve a question. That is,how can i fluent my voice… That us fluency..

What I worry about is where to breath, cause you can (or at least I can) hear where I breathe quite clearly and I worry about how it sounds due to my breathing. I also end up getting to a point where I need to breathe, and it's a quick progression to the ext word so I have to do a quick breath, so I can't fill my lungs completely. Being able to figure out where to breathe effectively would improve my voice a fair bit… as terrible as my voice is. XD

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