Singing Lesson : Your Perfect Musical Instrument

Hi there. Welcome to Sing Like You Speak dot com. I’m vocal trainer Sally Morgan. Sing Like You Speak is based on the fact that
you already have the perfect musical instrument. It’s you! It’s your body. It is
a perfect musical instrument and it will function perfectly when you learn the
technique – Sing Like You Speak – to get you out of the way and let that natural
instrument sound. And people come to me and they say, “But Sally, Sing Like
You Speak? I mean, really listen to my speaking voice. I don’t want to sing like
I talk!” Well I can do that too. And I can talk and all sorts of bad ways that
sound pretty horrible. But those are not my voice. And you see, Sing Like You Speak is not about sounding like you talk it’s more about what you’re thinking about
your singing and then how your body responds to that. Now I bet a lot of you
struggle and strain and you feel that pushing and like you have to do
something weird and different to make a singing sound. As opposed to speech. And what happens then then? You go to the singie place. You go to the singie place
instead of using your voice very naturally you do something weird like
this. But that’s a thought that makes you go to the singie place. So in
in the process of learning how to sing like you speak you are also going to get
a hold of those nasty thoughts that make you grip and strain and struggle and
maybe this time I’ll be lucky and so that I’m going to a different place.
Maybe this time I’ll be lucky. I hear that a lot. But if I strip that away and
i just sing as though i’m talking to my best friend. Maybe this time i’ll be
lucky. Then I get a natural sound that I’m really communicating. It feels
wonderful to to just when i first started developing sing like you speak i
get in the middle of a gig I’ve retrained my voice in my own technique
and at about three quarters of the way through the gig I thought, :oh my gosh I
haven’t sung a note all night!” and that’s not a good thought to have in the middle
of a song. I panicked for just a split second and then I thought well of
course I’ve been singing. Everybody’s been clapping and loving what I do. It’s
it’s because it felt so natural, I was just sharing my music with my friends.
And what is better than that? So when when you’re going through the training
of sing like you speak what we’re going to do is to get you back to that very
natural function of how this vocal instrument works. Because I guarantee you you do have a perfect musical instrument! So I’d love to have you visit me at Sing
Like You Speak dot com where you will find literally hundreds of video lessons just
like the one you saw. SingLikeYouSpeak. com I’ll see you there


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