Singing in the Rain Song ♫ Original Kids Version ♫ Kid Songs by The Learning Station & Dream English

– Hello, I’m Matt from Dream English and I’m so happy to be here
with The Learning Station. (birds chirping) ♪ Healthy music for a child’s
heart, body and mind ♪ – [Narrator] Singing in the
Rain by The Learning Station with special guest Matt
from Dream English. And now hold that position. Keep holding. And you now what to do. Keep swaying everyone.
– Hey I’m getting wet here. (rain pouring) – [Narrator] What was
your favorite action? Was it thumbs up, shoulders
back, knees together, bottoms out, tongues out or eyes closed? Please let us know in the
comment section below. Click on the images to
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thumbs up to like this video and please leave a comment below. We will reply to you. ♪ Singing in the rain ♪


♫ “Singin’ in the Rain (Kid’s Original Version)”. From the CD, “Rock n’ Roll Songs that Teach”: Download CD here:

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This is soooooo awesome. I'm one of Matt's followers and he's amazing. I watched the shake it out and it awesome 😉

We had a musical blast in our YouTube production studio creating this action and dance video for kids. Matt from Dream English Kids is one of the nicest guys we've ever met! He has clearly devoted his life to making this world a better place for children!! We were honored to have him join us for the making of our HIT song, "Singing in the Rain". 🎶 💞 Don from The Learning Station

Our schools LOVE The Learning Station and Matt from Dream English Kids! Our kiddos are going to be thrilled when they see this video tomorrow! Me and my wife already know the dance moves from your original video. You guys have to do more videos together!!! Please!!!! ❤ Your South Carolina BIGGEST fans!

Hi Don and Laurie from the Learning Station! It was such a pleasure to work with you both on this video! Your knowledge, experience, and fun shines through everything you create! Let's make some more videos together in the future!

It surprised me to see the same actions as the ones a Spanish Group called Cantajuegos did during their performance of a Spanish children song created by them in 2012 called Chuchua. Chuchua.

Matt and Don did a fabulous job dancing and singing in the rain! The kiddos are going to love watching these two and the amazing backdrop! I love the tongues out, but I know the kids will giggle and love bottoms out. Perfect song for those rainy days! I can't wait for the next video!

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow I can't believe that you are singing in the rain guys I love your channel and you're songs lol! and I see The Learning Station sign and my favorite action is all of them !!!!! singing in the rain!

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