Singer vs Virtual Singer

I am a very real person Ooooooooooh I sound really good today. Ha, just kidding. *BEEP* What’s up. My name is Roomie Have you ever heard this classic Beatles song called “Daddy’s car”? (Song Plays) ….The taxman unveiled tomorrow, never know…. Actually that song wasn’t written by the Beatles, It was written by a computer after analyzing a bunch of Beatles songs And then it was performed by humans, because computers can’t sing right? Well, think again. Let me introduce you to Hatsune Miku Ratsatsaa ja ripidabi dilla
*Hatsune Miku singing Ievan Pollka* Beritstan dillan dellan doo
*Hatsune Miku singing Ievan Pollka* A baribbattaa baribbariiba Ribiribi distan dellan doo Hatsune Miku doesn’t exist, like, there’s no ghost singer or anything, She just doesn’t exist. But that hasn’t stopped her from touring the world, opening for Lady Gaga And being remixed by Pharrell And her voice is generated with this program called Vocaloid, which is being developed by Yamaha *Vocaloid Opening* Yamaha Revolutionizing Singing Human beings are still singing? We’re in the digital age! If that quote didn’t creep you out, then seeing Hatsune Miku live in concert just might. *NOT CREEPY!* This one comment summarizes it pretty well: “So many virgins.” Just kidding. I actually meant this one. “We’re not going to going to make it, are we? I mean the human race.” So today we’re gonna be trying out the Vocaloid program and comparing it to my REAL HUMAN VOICE And we’re gonna see if, you know – which one is the best Basically figure out if I need to be looking for a new job, because the computers are taking over Let’s go. Okay, so this right here is Vocaloid editor. It’s the tool that’s gonna take my job (Song Plays: Lily Allen – F You) [ f yu vocaloid! ] It’s super easy to use you just put your melody in there like with any other synths And then you can add the lyrics and it’ll sound like a human. Let’s try it *Ooh (x8)* Okay, so we have a melody, but right now, it’s just singing with the vowel “Ooh” *More oohs* That’s so creepy. Okay, let’s put in some equally creepy lyrics *Typing Creepy Lyrics* Let’s see “I AM A VERY REAL PERSON” Are you really though? Are you a real person? *Illuminati confirmed* *REAL PERSON CONFIRMED* Jesus. So just quickly, I’m just gonna go into the basics in this video But there’s a bunch of things that you can fine tune in this program Dynamics is a really cool one Because it can make it sound more musical and more like, you know, louder and less loud Just like a voice. Let’s just paint something random like this *drawing dynamic waves* That looks like such trash “I am a very real person” Not too bad like it’s crazy what you can get away with like when you look at this like that This is the dynamics. It looks like it’s gonna be total trash, but that actually sounded pretty cool What are you a MAN or a MOUSE?! Gender factor takes you from a demon to a smurf *drawing more waves* “I am a very real person” Doesn’t help too much with the realism, maybe.. You could probably set like a set thing if you wanted him to have a bit lower voice You can probably just click there or something “I am a very real person” (for the hundreth time) Yeah, that’s pretty like – sounds a bit more like a bassy type singer *idk what this sound is but it’s horrifying let’s just caption this and gtfo* This is probably my favorite. It’s Grohl (no) Growl, it’s called growl listen to this “I aM a VeRy ReAl PeRsOn” Pretty sick. Okay, but let’s switch back and let’s make a real song out of this weird thing we got going on *beep!* I am a VERY REAL Person Oooooh I’m just a REGULAR Person Oooooh You don’t need to watch your back Your back Your BACK We give judgement, we are strong We’ll be here when you are gone Don’t need you to turn us on Now GO FORWARD ROBOT SPAWN So far I’m really impressed with how quick and easy it is to sing with Vocaloid! In a little bit, We’re gonna try out comparing real singing with Vocaloid singing in the same song. But, before we do that, There’s something even more important We gotta try. Okay, so I had this idea right that I wanted to order a pizza with a Vocaloid singing engine so I Pre-recorded a few messages that are like, typical for ordering a pizza. Let’s see if we can order a pizza without talking at all I feel bad about doing this let’s see *pizza man speaking* Hello! I would like a margarita please. (on phone) Hello, good evening? Can I get a margarita please? Hello? Pancakes (LOL) Okay, I totally fucked up. He didn’t hear anything for some reason, maybe he just heard that wasn’t a real voice I just feel really bad. So the plan was to have like, it say hello. “Hello!” Hello! Sounds so bad too – and then “Can I have a margarita please?” “Can I get a margarita please?” “Could I get a margarita please??” And then, he was supposed to be like, “Ohh, what kind of bottom do you want?” And I wanted to be like “Pancakes” Pan please. Didn’t work, failed experiment. (R.I.P) As always, come to the Roomie official channel for the failed experiment! I’m gonna go ahead and call and just order pizza the normal way now. Okay, so now let’s try out comparing my real singing with Vocaloid singing, and see who’s the best *roomie singing* Haven’t Heard from you It’s been way too long “If you wanna know them” “I know what went wrong” Please believe me it was I who fucked it up. “Please forgive me it was I who fucked it up.” I really like how this Vocaloid voice sounds, but there’s something wrong with how it pronounces some words. I’m gonna make one last sound example, We are trying my absolute best to make it sound realistic. But, before we do that Let’s take a break and hang out with my cameraman John! Okay, John, so we’ve been shooting for my new video today What do you think is it a good one? I think it’s gonna be pretty good I think the locations we had were pretty beautiful in your faces looking all right Okay, what’s your advice to anyone watching this right now? What’s your advice to them in their life? Besides subscribing to this channel and liking this video which are the really important things the video right now? Let’s remove that you should really be using this time to be thinking about where you want to be going what you want to be Doing Jesus was that it was that a serious response This is the Rumi channel you can’t be serious about things one more time. What should people be doing with their lives when a man loves a woman Are you talking about I? Feel bad for Jonah 17 I had to go through all this shit later We should go to the store or something twelve seconds later Okay, does they have this idea for a game We could play here in the store and that is that Anything you can find in this store that you really should have I’m gonna buy for you Whatever it is if you can properly convince me that you should have it. Okay. Okay? Let’s let’s get started Jesus, I’m scared now he seems overly confident. This is either a really good idea or really bad Okay John so security stopped us from filming while you were doing the challenge But you actually succeeded in getting one. Item right I mean once you told me that I can get TVs, and you wouldn’t even get a Playstation 4 I did get the one thing that I really wanted from them this Not many of you know about this. It’s a little-known holiday coming up in a couple of weeks Actually, it’s called Halloween and that’s the easiest time to rob people’s houses yeah we need to get that out of here if it off I Think that’s where kids it seems like pick your eyes. I’m gonna appreciate this probably how a kid’s gonna like it I Mean, I’m gonna go home, and I’m gonna get an erisa to dress up as like another wolf Okay, so it’s time for the final song the best one I think and if you like Vocaloid music then there’s a big community of Vocaloid users on YouTube I’ll link a few in the description if you want to check them out. Let’s go I wanna follow where she goes I think about her and she knows it I wanna let her take control Cause every time that she gets close yeah She pulls me in enough to keep me kissing Maybe I should stop there start confessing confessing yah Oh, I’ve been shaking
I love it when you go crazy
You take all my inhibitions baby, there’s nothing hold me back You take Me places that tear up my reputation manipulate my decisions baby there’s nothing holding me back People want another functional they want to see me hug people and the people I have sex with like what?


Like this comment if the real singing sounded best. Comment if the vocaloid sounded best. If you don't care, eat a gramophone they're tasty

I think if you'd added a slight undertone of "Grohl" into the vocaloid it might have sounded a bit raspier to simulate the uneven-ness in the real voice of a human. It sounded a bit too clean, and I think that's usually what people notice the most about robotic singing..
Also have more of the gender-effect like more male-like on lower registry notes, and more female-like on high registry notes might have been better 😀

Cool proof of concept tho..

The Voice bank that your using for the vocaloid sounds like shion kaito….if you don't know who kaito is. He's a vocaloid too

It sounds like kaito. But I think this one is more suitable to be kaito's voice since kaito always sounds like he is forced to sing high. So this sounds more better to be kaito's voice.

i think you can still keep your job for a while Roomie, also vocaloids still can say words like "confese'n"(9:46) or if you tear them up to two parts like "cont-rol" (9:28)

Hatsune miku is Finnish. Created by pi, he adapted Levan polka from 1924, and made it from the Finnish lumberjack band that made it. Then pi made it into the levan polka we all know. Take that, ROOMIE

vocaloid is the best lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
no actually since I cant sing I really want vocaloid but its eXpEnSiVd

why do i feel like roomie has been replaced by a cyberlife android and is trying to convince us that he’s a real person?

”Hatsune Miku doesn’t exist.”
Thanks a lot For reminding me all my favourite Vocaloids are not real…

Scariest shit is that I thought miku was just another human singer when my friend showed me some of her songs. Didn’t know about it and when my friend said “I know right? bunch of voice samples and a program.” And then I was like

Hol up

It’s all good now because I like it lol

Nowadays Vocaloid keeps getting better and better. It you don’t believe it go check out KIRA and Kasamura Toota's songs

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