Singer Stabbed; Obama eats with Anthony Bourdain; PDWO Signs National Anthem

On Saturday, 20-year-
old Japanese singer, Mayu Tomita, was
stabbed nearly twenty times. The attack occurred
near western Tokyo, where the singer was
scheduled to perform later that evening. The attacker, 27-year-
old Tomohiro Iwazaki, felt upset that the
singer returned a gift he had sent to her. He said that he lost
his temper because she was not answering
his messages. Last month, the singer
reported the attacker was obsessively posting
comments about her on Twitter and other
social media sites. The English-
Japanese newspaper, The Japan Times,
reported that Iwazaki had been persistently
sending her messages over social
media as well. Police arrested
him shortly after the attack. Last year, a Japanese
man was sentenced to six years in jail for
using a saw to attack the Japanese
Pop group, AKB48. Three victims were
severely injured. As of now,
Tomita remains in critical condition. We hope she
gets well soon, and has a
safe recovery! Yesterday, President
Barack Obama took a detour on his Asia
tour to have lunch with celebrity chef, Anthony
Bourdain in Vietnam. This September,
their conversation will appear in an upcoming
episode of the TV show, “Anthony Bourdain:
Parts Unknown” on CNN. According to
the White House, Obama is touring Asia
this week in an effort to increase U.S.
diplomatic, economic, and security engagement
with the countries and peoples of
the region.” Obama arrived
in Vietnam on Sunday, starting
his tenth Asian trip since entering
the White House. After this detour,
Obama will head to southern Vietnam,
before making his way to Japan. Later this week, he
concludes his trip in Hiroshima, Japan. In 1945, the U.S.
dropped the first of two atomic
bombs during World War II. Obama will
become the first U.S. president during his
term to visit the site. Bourdain tweeted about
his experience eating with the president, and
said “the cost of the meal was $6.00, and I
picked up the check!” This past Friday,
the Phoenix Deaf Women Organization became
the first deaf group to perform the national
anthem at a WNBA- Phoenix Mercury game. The game was against
the Seattle Storm. Our very own
news anchor, Melissa Yingst-Huber
stood in front of many fans, and
signed the anthem. Along with Melissa,
was Dyan Sue Kovacs, Jessica Madsen,
and Belinda Carroll. Let’s take a look at
what Melissa had to say. Hello! We are PDWO,
which stands for the Phoenix Deaf
Women Organization and we are here to sign
the National Anthem. When we were initially
were discussing this performance, like
what we wanted to do, we decided it would be fun
to perform together! We were able to
view many of your National Anthem
interpretations, and we like to
think we picked up a little from
everyone. It was also a
group effort from the four of
us here today. We all took turns
translating the lyrics and working on
the choreography. It was a really fun
experience doing this with these women. They are my
friends and also my fellow board
members! …free, and the
home of the brave! [applause] This was my first
experience signing on a
national level! We performed in front
of the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury team,
and it was a blast! We got to meet
many of the players, and the environment
inside that arena was infectious and
so much fun! We did it not
only for PDSD [Phoenix Day
School for the Deaf] but also our
organization, PDWO, our local interpreting
agency, as well as many other local
organizations! We really didn’t expect
our performance to go viral, we were
like, wait a minute, how many people
watched this?! Oh my god! We were
texting each other, we couldn’t
believe it! It was shocking
and just incredible. I really can’t explain
how inspired and proud I am
of all of us. We just did an interview
for the news actually. I think maybe
three hours after we performed, we had
like 20,000 views, over 200 shares, and
people were leaving so many wonderful
comments, I was in awe.
Just amazing. Melissa: It was
also nice to know that both Deaf and
hearing people were making note
that it was in ASL. When ASL gets more
and more recognition, it makes our world
that much bigger so I’m
thankful for that. The group will perform
the anthem again, at a major league
baseball game with the Arizona Diamondbacks
this August.

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