i am so happy for her BUT i do not find it fair to all the other homeless that are not so talented, that part stings, because she can sing and she is white , they are so many homeless that can sing, i do not want to make this a race thing but its hard for me to see another way, but in all honesty i am super happy for her , sky is the limit hope she makes it big and she gets good management that wont try to rip her off because she doesn't know much about the industry

If you ever think you do not matter, you do- God is a God who sees, He loves you. It's like that song, his eye is on the sparrow…💗🌻💗🌻💗

Honestly . Sometimes you just have to be at the right time and right place for that collision of luck to happen .. I am really happy for her . I wish her all the Best .. 😍🤩😍 Why can't ppl just leave it at that ?? Why do ppl feel the need to insert the Race card at everything ?? Ppl … It's not going to get you any where !! You want to make a difference ?? Then do it on your own !!! Everyone has a different story Uniquely theirs !

I cant help but think this story is fake.
That is the cleanest homeless person I have ever seen! That white bag was blinding.

We watch and listen in life for traces of majestic beauty. Blessings to all who see her through her new transition to the stable life she deserves. Art and Angelic Expression is her beauty in her soul to share with us all.

Yes she is very talented, however I think there is something very suspicious or stages about this video. What I fail to understand is how come all her item look new and / or very clean, including all the bags she is holding. With one plastic having what looks like fake holes made in it?

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