Sing like a Rock Star | Tom Cruise Singing STACEE JAXX | Rock of Ages #ronanderson

I spent I spent many months and hours training my voice with a great vocal coach Ron Anderson and I trained I also worked with Adam Anders the music producer so and also dancing with Mia Michaels is fantastic guys so talented such a professional such a nice guy to be in his family just it was great right Tom what’s better being a rock star or a movie star man I get to do both you know you know it was really first thing we had to find it discovers what is my voice and what is the voice of the character and then of course you know they had a lot of fun you know coming it was part of the character so it was trying to you know at all everything in a movie everything helps the hair the makeup you know but but really the first hurdle and the first thing we had to figure out was you know it’s not just learning how to sing because I trained for five hours a day for many months but it was also there in singing you have opera you have pop you’ve got Broadway then you’ve got rock so it was finding out what is that what is that rock voice and and then kind of work on the behavior and the Wardrobe from them I have fun where no please please I wish you luck when’s your turret on when’s your tour which one man come on you’re rock star to do magic because it’s busy making movies there’s a lot of fun so much fun there are a lot of things you know I realized singing a song is very much like that you’re there to tell a story and once I kind of figured that out it was it was easier you know I was because I’m working technically on so many things the dancing the singing and then you know as you’re doing and I’m trying to kill that character and so what’s was I held on to that it was it’s just I gotta do so much fun doing it that’s West


I so love that he took voice lessons to make it real. Others wanted the easy way out and do lip syncing. What I hear Lady Gaga wanted to do that for Star is Born lip sync that is. So what does that say for her? That's not very professional and she's a professional singer. So how I feel about that is her concerts are fake.

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