Shoreline Mafia “Fell In Love” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

We was fresh off a tour. Tour that didn’t go as smooth as it was. You know what I mean? So I was like, nigga needs to go make some
hits real quick. AceTheFace put on a banging ass beat. I said, “This shit mine, let’s get to it.” Of course I’m part of the group. You know what I mean? I’m an individual as well, so I felt like
its time to establish myself, kind of solidify myself as an artist. And that’s why I decided to make this a solo
track. You know what I mean? Kept that beat to myself. Thank you, AceTheFace. The mud is, you know what I mean? Lean, juice can be considered like mud. So then I fell in love with the drink that’s
why I’m stuck in the mud type shit. Just a little wordplay. The first time I tried it was like in high
school. I think I was like in like 11th grade, art
class, some dude, I know he brought up here the whole pint. And then once started making music, shit. It was like a cool vibe, you know what I mean? Being a studio, getting high with the homies. Pouring up, you know what I mean? Everybody got a cup, everybody catching vibes. Yeah, these some Cartier frames. Can’t see bitch ass niggas through the Cartis. You know the lens is clear though, I still
can’t see you niggas. There’s this one hotel in New York. Downstairs they got this corner store, I swear
to God, they got the best pizza ever. That little pizza spot just makes the hotel
for me. Shit. Y’all what? Hudson Hotel. Hudson Hotel. Y’all heard it, mid town. Let’s say you kicking it with the homies. Shit, there’s like 6 of y’all, 7 of y’all. A four not going to do nothing. You know what I mean? You could sip a whole 40 yourself damn near
throughout the day. Shit, so we want the whole seal, the whole
16, the whole pint. Frankie is my partner, my boy from back then,
way back when. You know what I mean? My dog. Blues, I don’t want to promote nothing like
that or nothing. Blues could be whatever you want to make. You know what I mean. It could be hundreds. It could be blueberries, it could be Percocet
thirties. 30 is a Oxycontin. Little blue pill. M box K9. I ended the verse with that just because,
I don’t know. You know what I mean? Like I said again. I’ll just be free styling, so shit just kind
of be coming together with whoopdie woo. Don’t get it twisted. You know what I mean? Niggas not going for no bullshit neither. I’ve been around drugs my whole life since
my childhood. I never thought I’d even do drugs, you know
what I mean? But I fell in love with the vibe. You feel me? You know what I mean? And sometimes we’d catch some vibes doing
drugs or whatever it is you may be doing. Know what I mean? So it kind of goes hand in hand whooptie wop. It’s a nice brand Fenix Flexin . It’s like
my life logo. You know what I mean? FF got on my neck, my fingers. I don’t got my chain on me, but I got a big
old busted down Fendi sign. So I don’t know shit just first brand that
popped up in my head. You could buy a bitch some Prada too she’d
probably still fall in love with you. I learned that this cause like you know what
I mean? Going through certain situations, things you
just start to realize. Know what I mean? You just don’t really give a fuck. It was just snakes and it was be fake and
shit. I mean ain’t even no reason to really fuck
with nobody unless there’s some money getting involved with it type shit. You know what I mean? Cause you never know what a nigga true intentions,
with you are is at the end of the day. I would never make no diss song and first
of all I just feel like that’s just kind of corny. Second of all, I just ain’t really worried
with the next nigga got going on. You feel me? I got my own life to worry about and handle,
you know what I mean? So should I ain’t trippin? You know what I mean? That’s your bitch. But it’s cool. Oh well. Old school Bapesta hoodie. Got these Givenchy a sweat, like not sweats,
track pants, got some a Balenciaga shoes on. Got a Balenciaga beanie on, Cartier frames. Got that little star ring. Got these $20,000 grills in my mouth. You know what I’m saying? Yeah. I’d be knocked out. Nigga hit me up. Ay let me get a feature. I got eight minutes for you right now. 10 best for you right now. I’ll be waking up like, Oh shit. Okay we got to we got a $15,000 day today. Let’s get it popping. Don’t do drugs. Kids just cause don’t do them cause we are
doing them, it’s not like it’s a cool or a good thing to do. As of right now, I don’t do as many drugs
like I used to. Nothing like that. So shit. Just live your life. Make your own decisions, do your own thing.


Haven’t even watched but can’t wait for him to explain the part where he say “ I’m in love with the plug” 😭

EDIT: didn’t even describe dat part

so this part is about how i drink stuff and i got pills….and this is about how hats go on your head and you wear them…its very inspirational…

''I ended the verse with that just cause like I dont know you know what i mean?''😂💯 no but i fuck with shoreline mafia heavy happy to see them being recognized more!

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