[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.17 노래방탈출 #1 (Escape Singing Room #1)

[The members are at a noraebang*]
*Korean karaoke [They are waiting for the scores after the song..] [Members are discouraged] [What made them go down on their knees?] [Two hours ago] [They don’t know what they’re doing] Where are we now? [Method acting] [Today’s content]
Isn’t it Vernon’s idea? The noraebang.. [Noraebang] When we got together for the Going Seventeen meeting, we planned to go to the noraebang [Vernon suggested the noraebang at the last Going meeting] [So we present..] [Escape the Noraebang: Producer: Vernon, Production: Going, Starring: Seventeen] [Pick up the red envelope] What is this? [What is that unknown accent?]
What is that unknown envelope? I love these stuff! A red envelope? -Going Seventeen’s gotten a lot better!
-It’s a little ominous..?? [Arthur?]
-Hey, Arthur!
-Going Seventeen! [The unknown envelope]
Shouldn’t we open that? Arthur! Like that! [Woken up to himself] [King Arthur – Occupation: Lee Dokyeom]
This is the energy of the dragon! [Hoo.. Blow..]
I have to control the energy of the dragon. [Watching the Excalibur from the first row] [Excalibur] I ask you for much support for the musical Excalibur. [Musical “The Excalibur” (06.15.2019-08.04.2019)]] Would it be.. Oh! Read it aloud. You are trapped in a noraebang. [Smooth reaction] You should get a 100 to escape from the room. [Smooth reaction 222] Divide up in two teams and sit along the tables, and escape the room. If you escape, then you go home! [RULE for Escape the noraebang: Divide into two teams, sing a song each, and the team that gets 100 can escape (=go home)] [Example: 017, 171]
But you can only choose songs with three digits*.
*three digits mean old songs Songs of three digits? [Hidden]
To try more songs, clear the hidden missions. The escape mission is a team match, but the hidden missions are free-for-alls [Start of Escape the Noraebang] So, the tables we’re at now, let me see. But where does.. Dino belong to? [Confused]
I am on this side.. -Where would you like to be?
-Huh? [First call, first serve]
-Do you like Coups or Woozi?
-Who’s the one who wants me? -Me!
-Oh! I will join here. [Our youngest] [Dino joins Coups]
I will join him. But no singers! [Performance, hiphop, performance, hiphop, performance, hiphop]
We just have 1 singer. [The only singer, Shua]
Well, we are all singers. [I started as a trainee at 17]
Who here didn’t sing during training? Vernon, give me some My Way~ No, I don’t want to. [Yeap]
Should I sing My Way now.. We are divided in two teams, and if we get a 100, then we can escape right away. Are we divided up now? -Did you fall asleep just now?
-No, not really.. Oh, then we will be going home quick! [Three hours later, they find themselves totally jinxed] [Three digits song]
Hey, let’s start with a random song. -Start with one first,
-I have something that I’d like to sing. What’s that? [RULE: Only three-digit songs]
No, it’s supposed to be random! [Pretending he already knows it]
-Okay, random
-Now members, the song would be random, If you want any particular song, you should get out and visit the coin noraebang.. Which team goes first? Our Dino will try first! -Yes, go ahead!
-Give it a try! [What was the song he wanted?
He gets a random number recommended]
What do you want, my team member? Do what you want to do, it’s okay. -Three digits?
-Yes, three digits. 171! [Dino is compliant] [The first song for Escape the Noraebang]
Chil Gap San! Chil Gap San, this song is.. [The8 has never heard of Chil Gap San in his life]
Isn’t this a good song? [Asking for party members to join]
Come on out, come on! [Party member +1]
What is this song? [Party member +1] Well great, it’s such a sad song from the start! [Yoohoo] [Hahaha] [The second party member enters] [We like it] [Wrong/ Weeding the patch of beans~] The lady weeding the patch of beans, [Never heard of it, but he seems okay] Your hemp summer jacket is drenched. [Drenched in Dino] [Drenched] [Drenched in Dino 22] [Drenched] What sorrow do you have~ [The connection between you and I~]
to plant tears with every head? [The song he never heard of
Passes the mic to Jun]
Dangerous, give us a dangerous look! [Dangerous eyes] [Happy] [Fascinating interpretation] [Chil Gap San] The weeping~ [Fascinating mixing / The climax is near] burned my young heart~ [What is the score?] [Is this 90? Members agitated to the high score] You scored pretty high! Well, it’s not that difficult! [I won’t miss it/ Quickly to the next challenger]
Jeonghan, you should go! You should go! Jeonghan, which number would you like? 272. 272~ [It’s obviously a familiar song, but it’s confusing when out of context]
My Love Besides Me! Huh? What was My Love Besides Me? [The prelude starts] [Masterpiece / You know it 100% with the prelude]
I know it! [Knows it, but in another team!]
He’s so lucky! I know this song! [Anxious / Seungkwan is a little unsure]
You know it. You know it, right? -Listen to it.
-I kind of.. I know this song! [Ready for the ballad] [Wonwoo, adjust the scale, just one key] [Pays attention] The day when my all my love leaves [Our King Arthur]
Way to go! [Rhythm and Ballad groove] Immature desires, much attachment lingering~ [Anxious to be next]
Are you still there? Maybe you are not. [Goes over] [He’s got it] [Love you Boo Seungkwan]
I still have much time to head back home, [Dreamy..] [Rhythm and Ballad] The way back home with an attempt of smile [I’ve seen the end of my life*]
*The first line of a legendary Korean song of Taiji Boys, Come Back Home [Satisfied] [They do such good ballads]
It feels so strange, it feels so far away [Clear your ears! / Listening session] Will I remember you in such pain? [The baton is passed / Mic is now handed over to Woozi]
Woozi! Woozi! [Innocent look] Please stay! [Warm and cozy]
[..But Seungkwan doesn’t like that] [Adds speed +1]
It’s too slow! [Ballad on foot]
-On the difficult days, when I lost you,
-When I lost you! [Stable singing despite such a fuss] [Ballad-dancer] [Rhythm & Ballad] [Soulful rhythm and Ballad-on-the-foot / What is the score?] Ah, it was close! [7 minutes into the shooting / Only 4 points toward 100. 100=going home]
Ah, Hong Jinyoung* sunbaenim would almost faint!
*The name of the lady in the screen Okay! It’s not that challenging! 96! [We might go home early today]
It’s not that bad! [This time for Mingyu – Hoshi]
-Let’s go for some fun beats.
-If we have fun we might score highly [Wishing for some fun beats] [I don’t know what’s going on but it’s fun] [Song by Lee Sehoon – You are far away (1991)]
[The song’s 4 years older than Coups] [The Samba rhythm / Hoshi throwing himself to the beat]
[I love it] [Born in 1996 / 5 years junior to the song]
[Born in 1997 / 6 years junior to the song] [Boom bop] [Wishing for a 100] [He doesn’t know this song]
Tonight, I have a tale that keeps me awake~ [I just don’t know it] [Come back in]
A sorrow penetrating my heart [He really doesn’t know the song /
Continues the song seemlessly] [Boo Seungkwan (22) / The main singer]
[Lee Dokyeom (23) / The main singer] Sometimes it’s waving, waving, waving [Waves! / Explosive reactions] [Vocals, beat, performance / The perfect triangle] Sometimes it’s brimming, brimming, brimming, with tears, my love [Lee Dokyeom (23) / The main singer]
[Boo Seungkwan (22) / The main singer] -Was it a star I can’t reach?
-A star! [Dances to the song / An intuitive dance] I can never reach you~ You~ [10 minutes into the shooting, they made it out!] [The staff + The Coups team lost their words] [Screaming with joy] [We are going home] They are insane! [10-minutes CUT, They throws a ceremony for going home]
Sometimes it’s brimming, brimming, brimming~ [What do we do with our contents..]
Waving, waving, waving.. The rest of the film you would have to work on, sorry about that! Edit the video like, the professional idol Seventeen showed a lionhearted appearance in going home. [Please, cut us some slack] [Good Seventeen members and the staff makes a compromise for the content.mov] Okay, that was too quick, [Thank you (A dramatic compromise with one wish)] [Mingyu-Hoshi made it in 10 minutes into the shooting]
Wow, Mingyu and Hoshi really did something. Sometimes it’s brimming, brimming, sometimes~ Sometimes it’s brimming, brimming, brimming~ Now that we’ve made the 100, let’s go for the hidden mission we found before. -Okay, let’s complete the hidden mission.
-That’s good. [Hidden missions pretending to be accessories on the piano]
There’s three of them here. [Hidden missions, 1, 2, 3] Hyung, let’s do some jegi-chagi*.
*Korean folk game of kicking shuttlecocks What’s that puzzle over there? [An empty puzzle frame on the table]
The puzzle.. we will be looking for the puzzle pieces. But I have no clue just by looking at this. Do we have to write some numbers on it? -The numbers.. there are passwords there
-It needs a password. [Hidden missions all over the noraebang] [1. Three mini games on the piano – Tap ball, jump-rope, Jegi] [2. Puzzle on the table – Empty puzzle (The pieces are hidden everywhere)] [And 3? 4?] [If you clear the hidden missions] [You get the password to the lock] [And obtain useful items to escape] [Members finding the hidden puzzles]
They’ve got one here too. I got one, too. -What’s this?
-This feels like an escape room*? popular in Korea Okay anyways! Let’s complete the puzzle over here! -Okay, let’s.
-It already has the 2 and 3. This one’s 2. [Where are the pieces?]
Do you see anything? Like under the table? When you have many members, the good thing is that even if I don’t do anything, someone else does. [Cool guy] But it’s not just me who thinks that way. [Hidden mission: Complete the puzzle] [Hidden mission: drink water on the bench] [Members smoothly finding the puzzle pieces] Here’s another. Another one. -First this is 3, and this 2.
-I think so, too. [Seek, solve, drink / Members are so occupied with the hidden missions]
Guys, feel for anything underneath the seats. [Drinks ready for the members / Jeonghan picks up a can] What have you got? Stack 13 cans, and hold it still for 10 seconds with the hands off. [Hidden mission: stack 13 cans (balance it for 10 seconds with hands off)] [Can stacking mission found during the hidden mission puzzle]
-Stack 13 cans..
-First let’s just get the puzzle done. Does it not have a particular order? -Let’s complete the puzzle, one at a time.
-Yes, let’s. [Yes, I will do it one at a time] I think.. that over there’s the number for the puzzle? Yes, it looks like one. -This looks like a lock.
-Yes, it is. It’s four. I shouldn’t have drunk this. This one.. Won’t balance itself if it’s empty. [Advantage of many members – It’s so hectic] [I said one at a time] Hey guys? We will complete them one by one~ Hey Hoshi, you should be doing something~ [Boisterous and loud] [Puzzle team gets the puzzle done and gets the answer]
We’ve done it! Press 3274! It’s 3274. It’s 3274. Okay, way to go! Way to go! Good! What do you think? We are doing a good job. That’s true~ Do you know what’s important in a large group? There are too many cooks, [Get the stew done fast]
Oh, it’s open! What have you got in there? [Compensation for the mission] [Compensation for the mission 1: The noraebang book] We got the numbers for the songs! That’s good~ [Members getting the hang of it]
But even with the book, we can only try the three-digit songs. Well, we know what’s there anyways. We can get hints,and find the songs we know and stuff. [The cook leads the team]
Now that we’ve found this, let’s try this one. [Quick progress / Focusing on stacking cans] Hyung, can you get 13 of them? Well, we should, what else should we do? Did you get this? [Staff: (nods)]
-How can we do it? Stack it, stack it. [eleventh]
2, 4, 6, 8 [Skips one]
We’ve just got one more. -No, we still have two to go.
-How can you stack 13 of them? [It’s possible] It’s skewed towards Mingyu. I’m scaard, [About one, about one, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11] [It will fall off when they let it go, they can’t let it go]
Now let it go. No, we can’t. -We still have one more to go.
-Still one more? Don’t crush them. [The cook theorist / Hoshi came up with a good idea]
I have a real good idea. [Good idea]
You never do anything and just think of good ideas. [Can’t let it go/ The precarious can tower] Someone get on the top, someone get on. [Real high]
This kinda looks like, Seungkwan’s part in our songnow. If we don’t make it, we should try it on the floor. [Shakey]
Yes, let’s do it on the floor. [The real good idea before]
Everyone finishes a can, and crush them. [Hoshi hyung..] [Come on over] [We will crush Hoshi’s lips instead] [Nagging in ASMR] [Can stacking starts over on the floor]
Let’s focus! Hey, hold up! Wouldn’t there be a reason for this tape on these? [No reason/ Just covering the brands]
Oh! {Whoa] -Hyung, how about we stack them and tape them in between?
-Yes, that’s what I was talking about. Hey, use the tape! [Nope]
Yeah. like that. [Coups coming up with an innovative question after Jeonghan’s tape theory]
Hey, can we just crush it in the middle right here? Can you stack 13 of them? It’s impossible. [Rational / Dokyeom’s question gets through the content itself]
Do we even have to complete these hidden missions? Guys, now that we have one hint, let’s try a song. Shall we? [Cool and quickly abandons]
Yeah, let’s give this up, this won’t work. We let this go. [There’s always someone like this.] -Where do these chances come from?
-It’s written on the floor there. [Stops]
-Oh, I just stuffed myself for no reason.
-Hey, straighten up the tape on the bottom, [This kind of friend / Gives up]
-Yeah.. All right. [Scanning]
-So now that their team got the score
-Don’t we just have three to go on the top? It is! -Hey, just three on the top.
-Hold up, I think I can do it. Just three to go, right? [Bomb defusing mission made into cans]
-Hey, wait, be careful everyone.
-Hey, get one on the top first. – You all be careful.
– Wait, don’t move. Watch your feet. [A cold air blows / Tension rising can stack] [Despite the negative talks]
– It won’t work because of that.
– Down here are the empty ones. The heavy ones should never go on the top. [Scores 11 cans]
– Oh, wait. Okay!
– No, let it be for a bit. [Doing it all at the same time?] [Slightly] [Really surprised]
3 4 [Myungho’s countdown]
– 5 6 7 8 9 10
– It’s a miracle! [This guy made it at last / Success in can stacking]
Kim Mingyu! Kim Mingyu! [We love you Kim Mingyu]
Kim Mingyu! [Song digits suddenly appear on the screen] – Mingyu, let’s take a ceremonial picture.
– What is this? – Take a commemorative picture.
– What? – What is it?
– What’s this song? 7519! Hey! The password! It’s 7519! Wow, goosebumps, goosebumps, goosebumps! [Excited]
It’s open! [Heart pounding]
Quick, take it out! [Looks excited about what is going to come out]
What is it? [Pitapat]
– It’s exciting now.
– It’s fun. It’s with a camera. Hey,this is fun, fun, fun, fun! Ah! It’s out! [Four digits of the song opens] [Song]
There are four digits? There are a lot of familiar four digit songs, when I saw the book [Hand that stacked the cans][Awesome]
I think it’s important to enjoy it as well as knowing the song. Then, should we just do it randomly? Let’s do it randomly. [FEAT. Mingyu’s wise words / Random challenge for the fun of it]
Doing it random is fun. If I get 100 points here again, I’m going home. Seriously. [Okay, got it.]
Would you pass us the mic? Wait, I’ll go with the guy who got 100 points. Hoshi! [Song starts] [Chooses Baek Mihyun’s unfamiliar song] I’m nervous for these guys! I think they’ll get another 100 points. [A calm move that only the guy who gets 100 points can do]
Just sing with confidence. 100 points duo! [Just my type] [Touched] – Excuse me, are you on civil defense training?
– Please don’t leave me~ Leaving me here, you alone [Touching]
– Please don’t leave me~ Me alone~ In this cold world~ – How can I live~
– How can I live~ [Hopes for 100 points] I guess we~ – loved each other too much~
– loved each other too much~ – We really
– Really~ [Tiki-taka 100 points duo’s crazy harmony] [Sad] [Here comes the harmony] [What would the 100 points duo’s point be?] They did too well! Isn’t the point reversed? 96 points? – What was it?
– 69 – 96 points. You guys do it randomly then. Yeah, THE8 choose it random. [THE8’s random challenge] [Chooses 8888]
Okay, THE8 8888! Opera! Opera! Isn’t it this? Opera, Opera-la-la-la~ [Myungho’s first encounter with the song Opera] [Can’t even imagine]
Opera sang by Seo Myungho! [Skips the instrumental] Myungho, you can do it! I want to hear that voice Opera? [Singing like talking] Steady [Skips a line] [Here it comes] [Here it comes22] Opera Opera Opera-la-la-la~ [Sings along]
Beautiful Aria~ Far, far away.. [I don’t know] [Lost interest due to unfamiliar part][Pretends he doesn’t know] [Common famous song’s chorus.mov (ex: Let it go)] [I know this part]
Opera Opera Opera-la-la-la~ [Pretends he’s not one of them] [Vernon finishes the song alone] [Vernon finishes the song alone] [The result is..?]
This is really hard [Depressed]
I think I should not do it You did well, you did well! [Now DK’s turn to freestyle]
-Let’s go with freestyle~
-Yes, let’s go with freestyle! It will score higher [Members having fun with random songs] -Let’s divide parts one by one
-Okay! [Wonwoo laughing hard at DK’s selection] [Heungbo is awesome!!]
Oh! Good good! [Passionate responses] [Aigoo~~~ it’s so amazing what we we do~]
-Now one part each with our Jeonghan! [Sudden role play]
-Aigoo old man~
-Aigoo granny, why did you come so late~ [Maybe old man] [Maybe granny]
-I came with my son~ [Sudden end due to the start of the song] [Missed]
[Yoohoo hot hot hot heyya hot heyya hot heyya] [Ha haeyala heumbara heumbara heumbara heyya] [Hell of heumbara [Endless heumbara] [Insane] [Heumbara heyya ha]
Is it the end? [Real start] [Come on] [Heungbo is aweseome] [Excited] [Heungbo is aweseome] [Heungbo is aweseome~] [Where should I go if you tell me to go out] [In this freezing weather~] [No one can rest/ excellent distribution of part]
[Performance boss] [Should I go to Jiri mountain where Boyi and Shuqi starved to death] [Should I go to Suyang mountain]
[Hey you I~!] [Do I even have to tell where to go stop nagging and go off in the sunset during winter] [OH!] [Show me the Heungbo] [Strongly touched] [Wowwwwwww!!!!!!] [Cool] [He ripped it/ Explosive reaction]
[Going crazy] [Touched] [Dropping the beat] [To where~~~~~~~~~] [Where to go~] [Not this lyrics originally/Heungbo is awesome] [Ignoring the lyric/Heungbo is awesome] [Heungbo hiphop/ The result is?] [It was fun] It was almost hiphop, Heungbo is awesome~ I was shocked.
When the beat suddenly got quiet and DK starts to rap, [Complimented by hip hop team]
The rapid-fire rap was crazy [Now it’s Jun’s turn] [If like me]
Oh! Like me~ [What Vernon hummed/ That’s] [Don’t know but the music starts] What… I think I know this song? [Instrument skipped] [A little..] [Seungkwan laughing at Jun’s whispering] It fits him, though [ASMR singing] [The old songs are four digit numbers/ Oh, is it?] [So I think we need to hurry and find five digit numbers] [How do we find five..] [Let’s do that, that game] [ASMR singing style/ Jun hard to sing]
-Hey do something~ What should I do It’s not that we don’t like you we have to find five digit numbers so that We can sing recent songs Because four digit number songs are all old songs. [Feeling sorry for Jun] [It was okay/ Warm atmosphere] [Three sets of mini games found previously/ Hidden mission START] [First mini game] [Three sets of mini game/ 1. Double under 10 times] [First game first try/Vernon]
-You can do double unders, right?
-Yes [1/2/Fail] [Quickly next/ Next is Wonwoo]
-You can do it, you can do it. It works if it comes up to your waist~ One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! [Succeeding in second trial] [Machine/Yeahh~~~]
[Mission rewards: applause and cheer] -Ah, they only give round of applause for this
-Ah, only applause? -We have to do one right out of those four
-Let’s try Jegi! [Minkyu bringing Jegi mission]
-Ah, only applause?
-Wow, they only give applause -Hey, where is the trash bin? [Second mini game] [Three sets of mini game/ 2. Kicking Jegi 20 times consecutively] [First trial for Hoshi] [Welcome/to/Jegi] One, two, three [Failed] [Second trial for Joshua]
-Now try it~
-I’ll try it! [Joshua/ Cheer up]
-Ah, we’re in a stagnant phase~ [One][Fail] [Next is Samsung-dong’s Hairtail-feet] [Hairtail-feet lol] -Samsung-dong’s Hairtail-feet~ [Feeling shy of cool nickname] [One/two] [Fail] [Jeonghan coming out trudgingly]
-You can’t do it?
-Try 20 [Lost interest because it’s hard]
-Or let’s change our strategy [One][Two][Three]{Four/What?] [5][6][7][8]
[Suddenly concentrating because of an unexpected possibility] [9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16] [17/Seven!!][18/Eight!!!][19/Nine!!!!][20!/Ten!!!!!!] [Moment of joy as if they got gold medal in Olympics] [You didn’t succeed/ ???] [Jegi wasn’t touched the last time] -Wow, is it 19 times now?
-Yes, 19 times. [Last possibility/ Second trial for Jeonghan]
-You are very conscientious. [1][2][3][Fail] [NO regrets/ Giving up Jegi] [Ready] [Third Mini-Game] [Three sets of mini-games/ 3. 20 times of tapball consecutively [Right afterwards, `]t’s go!! [1/2/3/4/5/6/7…?/8…?/9…?/10/11/12/13] [14/15/16/17/18/19/20]
[Not supposed to be easy as it looks]
-He’s good! Really good! [Success] [Spins] [Ha…/ Woozi has it in its workroom] Woozi, can you please try it until the end just once more? […???]
-What are you trying to say?
-This one? Did he pass?
-He is already done! [Now realized that he passed]
-You already passed? [Tap-ball hidden mission succeeded/ Password received]
-Wow it’s amazing! [Third box opening already]
-Right! Now we can go with five letters~ -Okay, it’s opened!
-What is it? -Wow, it’s five letters. -Five letters!
-Please let it be five… five! [All songs OPENED/ Five letter songs OPENED]
-Now, DK and I will go right away!
-Okay! [Celebrating the opening of five letter songs/ Hoshi-Seungkwan-DK goes for the challenge]
-Ah~~~ [Seungkwan.DK.Hoshi/ What would happen with combination of these tree?]
-You know it would be strange not to score over 100 right?
-Guys, I’m sorry!
-The time has come! [Original artists appeared]
-I want to sing the whole song for you~ -YO!
-Ladies and gentlemen, they call us Boo, Seok, Soon! [The guys who know something]
-Let’s go! [Are here to tell you something] [You might think what is this][UEUEO~] [Filled with worries/ Kick the life off] [Kick kick kick] [Prefer live singing][Pleased] [Don’t hide yourself between the people walking on streets] [Now what to do…] [Keep your eyes open and watch us] [Booseoksoon performing in the noraebang] [Do everything you want to!] [He has good manners on stage] [He has good manners on stage22] [The end..!] [That’s not a chance…]
-Isn’t it first verse only? [First verse performance didn’t work very well] [Seungkwan’s high notes/ Good to hear the climax] [Not AR/It’s live] [Walking without hesitation!] [Walking without hesitation!] -What are you doing? -Guys~ Do you wanna go home~? -Then give us full score! [Perfect until the end] [What will the score be..?] [!!!!!]
-Let’s go! [Failed because of 2 points]
-How did this happen~ -The two missing points are because of my bad voice condition [The voice was nice?/ Anyways failed]
-Too bad, it was close
-Ah~ If my voice condition was good… -Hey, but would this be all for hidden items? -I think there would be more. Because [Three out of four opened/ One more lock left]
-That one is still locked -Let’s look around by cleaning things
-I am sure there is something [Searching the room after two hours passed]
-Let’s look around then!
-We didn’t look carefully [GOING SEVENTEEN] Be happy today, too!

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