Sarah Mark Carpool Karaoke (w/ DC pres. Don Lovisa)

So Sarah thanks a lot for carpooling with
me this morning, kinda lonely driving by myself all the time. As President it’s
always a pleasure for me to sit down and listen to students and I understand that
you’re a graduate. Yeah. But you’re also a returning student. You’ve had an amazing year! You graduated in June, you got a top 40 single, I mean what an amazing year that you’ve had. It’s definitely been a successful year for me. You know
going from DC and being on the honour roll to having my song on radio and then coming
back up here for my third year, very exciting. How did you feel the first time you heard it on the radio, now it’s all over social media? Um, honestly I’ve never heard it on
radio. Really, haven’t you? I’ve never heard it, because you know what, I was away. Well let’s listen to it. Let’s listen to it. Alright let’s do it on the radio. Ok, alright let’s do it ok? (Whistling) I wish I could whistle! Sun’s down, anything goes. While we’re out cause you know we on single. Watch your man he can’t handle, we be in the club gettin’ in trouble. Oh, oh, So you better settle, oh, oh, We bad like rebel, oh, oh, don’t doubt the stilettos, Hey! Good one! Got it! Cause you know we gotta look fly, fly, fly… Dream big, where are you going to be in five years? In five years, well I’d like to have a few songs um in the
top 10. Hopefully number ones actually. Ok. I hope you do too. Yeah I truly hope so that would be
definitely a big milestone for me. Um, have some crossover singles in the US. Yeah, so I’d definitely like that. I’d like
to do some performances. So next year we have a milestone at Durham College, 50 years old. I know! So we could get you back to perform at our 50th anniversary. I think we’re
having a homecoming party September 18, 2017. Please do not even hesitate. Perfect! I’m there, I’m there… Fly, fly fly. Passing through like a drive, drive by. Hotter than the sun in July, ly, ly. It’s already done tun up, got them on the wall like spiders. It’s already done tun up, volume on stuck on higher. (Laughing) You must go home and talk to your family
and friends and stuff, so what do you tell them about Durham College, or advice
that you have for people that want to go far away from home and go to school and also pursue their dreams. I have quite a few friends that are interested in the music business as well, and I always tell them if you want to study music business
and if you want to learn about the business, you need to study, you need
to go to this program. That’s great. And I kid you not I always say that, because it’s such
a fantastic program. It’s already done tun up, we about to set it on fire. It’s already done tun up, duck down cause you’re in a cross fire. It’s already done tun up, got them on the wall like spiders. It’s already done tun up, volume on stuck on higher. It’s already done tun up, volume on stuck on higher. Give me five, alright, Louie give me five. Alright Louie! Can I sing back up for you? You’re already hired, I already made that decision when you started singing!

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