Sabaton’s Pär Sundström on the band singing in Swedish

A lot of people when we’ve been playing everywhere
in the world have requested that we would play certain songs from the album Carolus
Rex in Swedish which is exciting because we thought it would be only for the Swedish fans
initially or just for a few people but a lot people have requested this wherever we go and sometimes
we do play it in Swedish it’s well it’s usually very appreciated because it’s according to me and
a lot of other people too it sounds more genuine because we are singing in our native language and
it does make sense however a lot of people also asked if the new album is going to be
in Swedish and we’re like well the album Carolus Rex was about Swedish history so it made a lot of
sense to sing it in Swedish while the new album has nothing to do whatsoever with Swedish
history so we decided it has nothing to do with the Swedish language that’s pretty much it

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