Röyksopp & Robyn “Monument” (Music Video)

Make a space
For my body Dig a hole
Push the sides apart This is what
I’m controlling It’s a moat
The inside that I carve This will be my monument
This will be a beacon when I’m gone Gone, gone
When I’m gone So that when the moment comes,
I can say I did it all with love Love, love
All with love Make a cast
Of my body Pull back out,
So that I can see Let go of
How you knew me Let go of
What I used to be I will let this monument
Represent a moment of my life Life, life
Of my life Make a cast
Of my body Pull back out,
So that I can see Let go of
How you knew me Let go of
What I used to be


Nerden geldiğimizin ne önemi var bir eserin altında toplanıp zevkini çıkarsak ya ha gökten Mesih bekliyorlar. Evet sfdgffsg

I'm crazy in love with this song is addictive and peaceful if you ask me even though is a little bit dark the meaning. I really know this is an artwork in the whole meaning of the word.I love it :')

This song seems like death!!!so you should LOVE, LIVE,STOP beeing individual, jeaulous; selfish..Love ,love,only love can save you all!

A legkedvesebb dallamok közé tartozik, amiket valaha hallottam…gratulálok! 🙂 — it's just fantastic!

Beautiful song and the video to it is amazing…The only question I have is what is Royben saying in between the the lyrics and the mane song ….It's like she's maiming to a different song ❤❤ xx

I wish she would add this to her set list when she comes to Dallas!!!!! It’s one of my favorites and it’s going to be my first time seeing her since I became a fan about 8 years ago 😌

Я поклонник творчества Роуксопп. эта композиция берет за душу, честно, слезы и я их не стыжусь, дай Бог ребятам в том же духе!

Anyone else get crazy 007 movie intro vibes from this? It would harken back to the older movies, but this would be for a female Bond. Like she has had around the same experience the other 007’s has had but from a female perspective this song would mean so much more. Think of it, a female 007, maybe 32, but has experienced all the worst of being a 007 more than any male 007 could. People would have to watch the movie again for this intro.

A monument(al) train of thoughts is driven forward through my soul, which is in itself, always ongoing. I am thought, I am soul. Therefore not ever really gone.

I heard this song on a Royal Caribbean cruise show called Spectra’s Cabaret . Had to find out what it was all about, I’d never heard music like this before.

The Swedes will make mullets fashionable again. They can make anything fashionable just by taking it, using it, and being known for being Scandinavian. Ha!

This is hands down the BEST video clip I have ever been fortunate to see. What an artistic-spiritual masterpiece, thank you so much! This fractal-geometric way of showing how our 2-dimensional beings can wake up for the other dimensions is truly mesmerizing. I'm speechless.

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Thank You For This Song. I Love Love Love it!!!
Thank You For This Song. I Love Love Love it!!!
Thank You For This Song. I Love Love Love it!!!
Thank You For This Song. I Love Love Love it!!!
Thank You For This Song. I Love Love Love it!!!
Thank You For This Song. I Love Love Love it!!!

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