Rottweiler Performs “Maneater” By Hall & Oates | Season 2 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER


This is definitely Scott porter from Friday night lights and Dixieland same voice played in the show big football fan has his likeness in madden 18 and 19. Definitely me Jason streets.

I know this is Chris Daughtry because it sounds like him. I'm gonna be a disappointed if it's not him because he should be known more. I'm rooting for him.

It's Chris Daughtry. His vibrato is so recognizable. But you gotta love that dumb blonde look on Jenny's face…. priceless !

That is Chris Daughtry. . . Doing his absolute best to sound NOT like Chris Daughtry.

I don't know if he's worried about peaking too soon like Rumer Willis did last year, or if he just knew there would be a couple of idiots who have absolutely no business on a stage whatsoever and decided to play it safe and/or have fun in the first round. But either way, mission failed: We know that's you Chris. And no, you won't be losing to some nitwit who looks like Jay Leno, dresses like the Joker and dances like Pee-Wee Herman this time around.

That's not Bruno smh he's booked and busy. Whoever it is he can sing and has a nice tone. Maybe he was in a boy band or group?

If anyone grew up watching American idol season 5 this is the voice of Chris daughtry his voice is incredible 👍🏻🔥

We need new female judges ! Both air heads went on national tv one says nelly one says Bruno mars


I’m stucked between two people: Chris Daughtry or Taren Egerton.

The clue package doesn’t really match Taren but the rotweiller’s singing voice literally matched Taren’s singing voice in the movie Sing! when he sang ‘I’m still standing”

I bet a million dollars this is Justin Tucker. 1 NFL Superbowl Ring and many football reference with the Ravens and he is an opera singer.

Chris Daughtry!! – I agree with all of the clues, but also, the camera stays on the razor a bit, which is a clue because he shaves his head!

the show said a combined 7 superbowl appearances thats why this is Rob Gronkowskl not chris daughety i knew it by the way he was struting in stage thats gronk!!!!

The fact the costume has six-pack abs has to mean it's Daughtry. He was pushing that nutrition/workout thing for a while. The man is ripped. It would make sense that the costume would be ripped as well.

Yes, Nicole, Bruno Mars is on the Masked Singer having his singing judged by you and Jenny McCarthy. These judges need to stop guessing names of people that wouldn't do the show. Keep your guesses to C list celebrities and you'll do much better. They might get a couple B listers…but they're not going to get a A list artists to spend weeks on a masked singing competition show. I like this show a lot, but the judges kind of ruin it.

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