Robert Plant Lost a Karaoke Duel in China


does anyone find it strange that the subtitles are a bit messed up, and they're actual subtitles written by humans and not auto generated from computer voice recognition?

He should have picked "I'm In The Mood (For A Melody) from the solo studio album "The Principle of Moments".

Robert looks great for his age that's all that counts!
I had a heart attack last month and was in a coma for 10 days. But I woke up and I'm fine. That's all that counts.

I would like to see a harmonica battle between you Steven Tyler and the guy from Supertramp. Put that on American Idol.

lobert prant rost a kalaoke ervis duer? ale you ronesome tonight? he should have sang 'lock and loll''!
red zeperrin!

Who is that hot no-name girl sitting next to Plant? She probably doesn't even know who he is. Instead of sitting next to him, she should have been backstage getting a load blown all over her face.

This band are legends for Immigrant Song alone. That guitar riff is so amazing and it only uses 1 note and its higher octave, yet it makes you want to fight and pumpes you up so much

Shameful uneducated and ignorant statement on Britain in Hong Kong from Plant. Trashing his own country, maybe he should speak to some HK Chinese about the time that the UK was running the place

Was at a karaoke bar ONCE. A buddy of mine was trying to talk me into singing. I could see from across the darkened room, that mic must've had countless drunks slobbering and spitting on it for at least a full decade, never having been cleaned or attempted to be cleaned … EVER. Ofc I declined.

It’s humbling to realize that no matter how good you think you are at ANYTHING there is a 7 yr old Asian Kid Who’s Better at it or in Roberts case an older Asian kid

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