Rick Ross Reveals How Nipsey Hussle Inspired His Grammy-Nominated Song

– You look sharp, you know that? Like comin’ out, is that Gucci? I recognize that strip, that
looks nice, that looks nice. It’s like 90’s, I love that about Gucci. – Shout out to Dapper Dan. – Yes, Rick has songs about sunglasses. You have your own sunglass
collection, right? – I do, I have, I collect my own, yes. – Oh I love it, I love it, okay. So he’s never seen without
sunglasses, which I love. Basically he’s known for
his sunglasses y’all. So, what’s with the sunglasses? – It could go back to me as a youngster. When I was a youngster
in elementary school, a lot of my friends used to pick on me because of the length of my eyelashes. – Wait, are they like really long? (laughs) – Oh my gosh. – Let me see, they’re beautiful. See, this is what ticks me off about men. They are wasted. I have these short, I have
these short stubby little like, and then pregnancy ruined it even more. It’s like, I don’t understand,
I have to wear lashes, these ain’t, nothin’ on me is mine. And those are just natural
and you’re hiding it. I’m upset with you Rick Ross. – And as a youngster I hated ’em. – Oh really?
– I did. – They’re so beautiful, but
I do like the shades too, it’s rock ‘n roll, I’m
into it, I’m into it. So I thought it might be fun, since you love sunglasses,
you’re known for it, I thought it might be fun to try on like a few iconic frames, see how they look on you. Are you cool with that? – I’m with it. – All right, all right,
come on out here, elf. He’s like the most miserable elf. (laughs) It’s great, great. He is killin’ that Christmas spirit. All right, all right, let’s
ease into it, shall we? Okay, I think you’re
gonna go with these first. These are, they kinda
look like U2, like Bono, a little Bono-esque. So, let’s try these. – Make some noise for Bono. – Exactly, I love Bono. Let’s see, yeah. (applause) – Those look good on you. – Yes, they do look good on you. Okay, okay, well this one, this is I think Oprah has been rockin’ a bold look like these, these days. So I mean, if it’s good for Oprah, it’s good for all of us, right? – Make some noise for Oprah. (applause) – You look good in sunglasses. You have like the perfect
shaped head, I’m not kidding. I have to go for a specific
style or it’s like nope. Okay, we’re gonna go for these, obviously these are a little Elton John, make some noise for Elton John. These are a little flashy, little flashy. (laughs) (cheers) You look good. – Y’all got me good, y’all got me good. – Which one is your
favorite if you had to pick? Cause I’m just sayin’
the bedazzle is nice. – I may go with these. – Oh, you’re goin’ the Oprah one, I see. You can’t go wrong, you can’t go wrong. You gonna rock those for
the rest of the show? You don’t have to, yours
are pretty cool too. But let’s seriously, let’s
talk about your book, cause you have a memoir out,
it’s called Hurricanes, right? – Hurricanes, yes. – So, what’s it about? – It’s really just talkin’ ’bout my rise, you know, my rise to where I
am today as a artist, you know. Just lettin’ you know that
we all love the sunshine, but you will deal with hurricanes in life, and just, you gotta deal with ’em, you gotta deal with ’em and move forward. You know I’m comin’ into album number 10, you have to challenge
yourself creative-wise, and I wanted to bring
somethin’ else to the game, and a different perspective. So, me tellin’ everyone
just my straight-from-me, my voice, and I felt it’d
blow a lotta people’s minds, and I wanted to come out with the album. The album went number one, so, it’s just a lotta dope touchin’. – That’s so awesome, I’m so happy for you. And it’s awesome, I think too, for fans just to get like
inside your heart and head, and that’s why I like to be a songwriter. I like singing songs that I didn’t write, but I also love to write, cause it gives people the opportunity to kinda see who you are. – All the time, all the time. – So, I actually heard that
you were recently nominated for a Grammy, right? – I am.
– Yes, that’s exciting. – I am Grammy nominated, for the record Single Gold
Roses featuring Drake, one time for Drake. – Yeah, I loved it. – And for me, what makes this moment even that much more special is the record was actually conceived from a conversation me and
Drake had over Nipsey Hussle. You know, rest in peace to Nipsey Hussle. It was a conversation that we had, and we was just speakin’ about, you have to, a lotta times, let’s celebrate a person’s
energy while they’re still here to accept it, you know, and
that’s what it was about. – I love that too, the sense
of being the greatest record, the greatest song. Have you finished your holiday shopping? – I haven’t, I haven’t. – You are, you, the clock is tickin’. – Yeah, the clock is tickin’, and, you know, it feels
like you never finish when you have four little
beautiful children. – Me too, I feel as well,
it’s like it’s never, I still think I’m done, and then I’m like, wait did I even it out? Cause they count, they count the gifts, like they got more than me. – And not only that, it’s,
you know, four in the mornin’, it’s like Amazon is just
knockin’ at your phone. – Oh my gosh, but are you
stressed about the holidays? Do you get stressed about it, both of you? – I try not to. – You don’t get stressed,
do you get stressed? – I’m totally stressed. – I get stressed, I think the
momma’s get super stressed. We feel like we’re the one’s
people are gonna look at and be like it wasn’t great. – Yeah, and we gotta cook too. – Oh, I’m a sous-chef, my
sister does that, yeah. My sister’s like solid in a kitchen. I am solid at eating in a kitchen. Yeah, I am good at it, I rock it.


Hey Kelly,
I'm from abaco Bahamas where hurricane Dorian destroyed. It left me and my family with nothing but the clothes on our back and having to move from our island. Please help me give my family a great Christmas, I'd appreciate it a bunch. Love you a mil ♡

Meeee too Kelly 🙋🏻, I'm solid too at eating 😂 in the kitchen..noooo I'm a slow eater.. always the last one..your sooo funny Kelly 😊😘…yes R.I.P NIPSEY HUSSLE 🙏🏼….💋💋💋 from CORPUS CHRISTI, TX

Kelly, I truly love the format of your show. The fact that your guests remain on the couch for the duration of the show and converse about down to earth topics is amazing. I feel like I could be on that couch with you just shooting the bull. You are so endearing and it’s refreshing. Blessings to you and yours and Merry Christmas!

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