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Well, is anybody looking for a vocal coach?
Well, stop, stop looking! Meet Ken Tamplin! Hi there! My name is Ken Tamplin! Heeeeeeeeeey,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh baby! Would you like to have that kind of vocal
power, range, clarity, and pitch? Well, you can! Come join me, Ken Tamplin Vocal,
and I’ll show you how we can do it! Ken Tamplin! Now, pretty much anyone can raise their handand claimed to be a vocal coach. So how do you know how to tell what’s legit and what isn’t? Well, the way I’ve chosen to do it is by way of demonstration with my own voice, and my students’ voices. In fact,
we’ve decided to choose and pick off some of the most difficult songs to sing in all
of pop and rock history. Hey, guys. I’m Ryan Haeri, and I’m 14 years
old. Check this out. And I just want to tell you how amazing the
Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is! I’m Kat Von D, and I can’t say enough
amazing things about Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy! I take you step-by-step, and physically demonstrate
with my own voice, what it is and what it’s going to take to make you a fantastic singer,
and I poured them into a course. It’s called How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else. In this day and age with so many auto tuned and processed singers it’s good to know
Ken is out there. If you want to benefit from my life’s experiences,
if you like the way I sing, I’ll show you how I do it, because in the end, the PROOF
is in the SINGING! So, if you’re ready, Let’s Get Started!


There is a famous song on YouTube called Lost Horizon from the band Highlander. The range of the vocalist in the end of the song is impressive. It would be great if you show your students how it can be done.

Hi Ken!
I have some questions. If you could answer them it would be awesome!

1. Question: can I learn different kind of distortions with your program? I mean, like in this video Brent Smith from Shinedown does 2 type of distortions.  a heavy one and a lighter one. can I learn them? heavy one at 4:29 and light one at 4:50.

2.question: same video. I'd like to know how did he does that sound on the very last part of the word satisfied. the satis'FIED' at 2:56 ? It's sounds soo awesome, and I'd like to learn it.

thank you for your reply!

Can you do a video singing something on your low register (something from barry white or kinda like that) we've listened you singin freaking high notes but i couldn't find a video of you singing low notes

Want to learn How to Sing BETTER Than Anyone Else?  This is where to learn!  Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is where to get the best singing lessons on the Planet!  Truly professional-grade lessons, this course will take you to a level that you cannot imagine!  Whether you're a Seasoned Pro wanting to take your voice to the next level, or you're just venturing into singing for the first time, do it RIGHT with KTVA!   Find out more by following this link: and see what's going on!  You can also look around at ken's singers forums at and join up with singers from all over the world checking out KTVA methods and results!!!  Learn from someone who can show you how it's done with his own voice!

I live in the uk can u still give me singing lessons or do you know a hood vocal coach here in London that's not toooooo expensive

@ Madison:
Most of what I do are web cam skype sessions all over the world. My Academy is LOCATED in Hawaii and Los Angeles for "In Studio" sessions however I would strongly recommend starting with my "How To Sing – Better Than Anyone Else" course as it will save you a LOT of time and money. You can find it under the "singing courses" tab on the bottom of my page (or click this link:  Then if you feel like you need to take a personal after doing the course for a bit to make sure you are on track is always a good idea (or if you just want to start straight away with personal instruction). The personal instruction is located there as well and I record the video sessions and a copy is sent to you for your reference. (or you can click this link): )

There is also a "gold bundle option" that includes 3 one hour sessions with me. What many people do is get this (it comes with the course and basically the course is free with this option) then they will take a lesson after doing volume 1 for a while to make sure they are on track. Then do the same for volume 2 etc.

For "In Studio" sessions you can click this link:

I have also put great singers forums with over 5,000 like minded students and 8 moderators (including myself) to help field questions abut the course helping to take some of the guesswork out of it.

I hope that answers your questions 🙂


My Student Here is Gabriela Tearin' It Up At Her 1st Show For Trans Siberian Orchestra. WORHTY!!!
Gabriela Gun + TSO: Night Conceives 11.13.2014 Council Bluffs

My Student Gabriela Gunčíková Getting To Sing For TSO.
Time Lapse Video Shows What Goes In To Putting Together A Big Concert!

Check This Out!!!  AWESOME!

Is There Really Such Thing As "Stress Free Singing"?

I see many vocal coaches (and their students) promoting the idea that "there should be no stress while singing" and therefore frustrating the heck out of singers who think there is "something wrong with themselves" because they can't, over night,  achieve this "stress free" singing.
(this also gives a vocal coach "tribal knowledge" to keep you coming back to them as if they are the only one who has the answer to this elusive concept)

This is nonsense and here's why:

Singing is like a sport. And with any sport, it's not the absence of stress, it's the management of stress that makes a great athlete.  

Think of it like this:

When Lionel Messi is going to goal, do you think his body is "stressed?"
(Anyone who says it isn't has never played a sport before).

But Lionel has learned the art of training his body and mind for that moment when it's time for him to step on the gas, take on 3 players and score what "looks" like an "effortless goal."

But you can be assured, it was not done "without effort" or without "stress."

Lionel achieved this through training his technical abilities as well as building stamina and muscle memory to achieve this consistency.

Now it is true that some styles of singing require less stamina than others and therefore can be accomplished with less strength training.

In other words, singing a light pop song requires very little "strength" in the sound whereas singing a heavy rock song often requires incredible strength and stamina.

This is also true for those (like myself) that want to push their "limits" and abilities to be all they can be. This of course requires more "effort" and technical training.

With that said, there are many stages to building this "stamina" and it's ok to "find yourself" as one first starts with "damaging street singing" (with total stress) and going through the different stages of learning how to manage this stress away form the voice through correct training.

If I didn't show the different stages of this process, and only showed "perfection", people would never learn that these people are all human, having to work on their craft just like yourself.

Hi, Ken! I've been really wanting to try your program out for the last few months, but I've been quite scared that I wouldn't be able to. You see, I'm a complete beginner, so I don't know much about key or pitch or anything much. Do you think your program will be able to help me? Thank you so much!

This is an exciting video!  These singers all share one thing in common… Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy singing methods changed their voices forever!  Listen and decide for yourself!  It's more than Rock and Roll.  Become the best singer that you can be!  Learning to sing isn't about easy "tricks", instant "secrets", or just removing imaginary "restrictions".  It's about an entire new way of approaching your voice from the ground up and learning step-by-step how to build it into a fantastic world-class singing instrument.

I want to learn how to sing and croon like Frank Sinatra. Does it require a certain voice? I don't know if mine is the right kind of voice for that genre and style.

I've been smoking for about 8 years and am really hoping I didn't do too much damage because I really love to sing. Where you or any of your students smokers at some point? I am aiming to quit soon to save my self down the road.

Didnt Adley Stump get knocked off The Voice in the Battle Rounds? She wasn't a Finalist. Just sayn.

Hello Ken! I just wanted to ask your opinion about one of my favorite singers: Russell Allen from Symphony X. How difficult it is to sing like him? He is so versatile! What do you think about his singing ability?

Thank you so much and keep on the good work!

Best wishes and happy new year!

Hey Ken! You're so so awesome! btw ive got a problem… I can copy nearly ALL of the famous rock singers out there.. I can even sing in high pitched voice like females.. but the problem is I cant sing too high, i mean, i guess my vocal range… decreased? my thorat gets stressed even with not very high notes. For example, when im singing "September" by Daughtry, i stress my thorat when i reach "Of all the things i remember summers never looked the same.." I can sing low notes REALLY cool but i just have this problem. What can i do? Is there a way to increase the range? or should i warm up before singing? (i really dont warm up and scream just like that).. any help would be appreciated. You're really super cool,man… but please try to help me.. dont wanna waste my voice.. you're the only hope now. thanks again.

I want to sing but I don't like the way my voice sounds.. I have decent range but the tone just makes me cringe. Would you be able to help with that or am I not destine to be a singer?

I'm also yodeling for fun. I really want to strengthen my voice to "powerhouse voice. 😀"

I was singing this sing but for the whole entire song I was sing nasualy and froggy plaese can you help

Wow, you've taught so many talented people! I saw the Trans Siberian Orchestra many times, I didn't know you taught one of their singers!

Woaow what a great work!!! amaizing voices, all of them. I love singing but I had never studied or have a coach, I am not a little girl anymore, but is never to late, now I feel like a want to develope all my potential and have all that power, even if I just want to sing for me, is just something that I need to.

Have always sung since I was no age. Loved being in the school pantos so much! Listening to the pianist my teacher was mesmerising the way she played the piano every key just fills my soul with happiness just listening to that was one of the reasons why I joined the choir at my primary school and my high schools! Im not much good..

Although I find singing soul r'n'b slighty easier, favourite song is Solomon Burke 'Cry to me'. If u remember it was in the original 'Dirty Dancing ' song track. Hi from Ireland btw!

i would LIKE to have a room with that much RT10 as Ken in the intro…i would also like to not suck at vibrato on the high end…fuck, this dude is actually rad.

Mr Ken Tamplin i truly believe you are a brilliant vocal coach, Teach me!!lol i have some videos if you wouldn't mind giving pointers to me in regards to increasing my vocal range..

Yeah, you know a vocal coach is good when they have freaking Jimmy Fallon in their ads. No, but seriously, love your vids Ken. You're the man!.

Hi ken….I am inspired with your…lessons..
Bt I want to ask one question…can every one sing well?..or…only god gifted sounds sing well…every one…I need your comment…

0:13 Wow Ken, i can't stop replay this intro again and again!! Your high range is F5? So which range you start bridge into head voice?

Ken, I just read your bio. You have four GMA awards and have produced for Andre Crouch?…wow, I knew there was something good about you. You have some real credit. A number of your students have went on to do some big things. I really enjoy your videos. God Bless.

It would not be a far stretch to say, that you could potentially coach someone toward a Grammy or a Dove Award winning career. You are a blessed man.

Ken is a great guy. He has Christ in him. Some people don't even know he's had an award winning career in music. Shoot, I like his old stuff. These kids he's training…a lot of them will go places because of his help.

Ken, thanks to you, I have 5 octaves, I still need to learn techniques and other things from you. But thanks to you I can now go from a low #1 E-1 To #6 G-6

Could you train someone to be a good singer if they had no vocal talent whatsoever and had a terrible voice? I was an actor and played a scene where I had to "sing really badly" for comedic effect, and the director instructed me to "just sing like you normally do". ONE TAKE! 😂

Dude, I would always introduce myself like you did in this video of I had those pipes. From the first time meeting my girlfriend's mom to the President, the exact same.

I used to see this guy, and think 'this dude is a clown….and now I think this guy is a freaking god. He WILL take you from zero to hero, you can be trained. It is quite amazing.

Dear Ken tamplin hi again I'm a dimash fun I found someone else similar to dimash he's from Korea Guckasten is the band called he is top vocalist in Korea and he's singing comes from the soul I would really like if you did a reaction video on them and tell us who is better dimash or Guckasten it is hard to tell

I accidentally signed up for ur emails and now I won’t stop getting annoying spam messages, can someone with the same problem help me please?!

The reason I am going to buy Ken's lessons are simply this…what he says about adaptation and stress…this is the reality of developing anything.This mirrors life… favorite spiritual mentor Oswald Chambers…who also lived this Reality. Ken knows this Reality…and it's it has blessing on it. I don't know Ken ..but I can see the disposition.

I am guilty of talking trash about your course in the past without even trying it. This is because I was hypothesized by an SLS based success program. I believed everything he said in the program and I became a devotee of him and his program. I was a fanboy and you can find my comments on few of his videos praising them and bowing with my head down how his course able to give one octave in 1 week. Worked with that 180+180 program for almost 10 months now not even missing a day. I now realised that's not even real range. It's not even in the normal speech volume. I can not sing anything if the song requires dynamics , forte. I sang rhymes , lullabies but my dream is to be a rock star like my idol who again works with them. after watching your videos and your open throat singing and all that I am pretty sure he is mocking you on many audio tracks of his course. That's why I thought your course is not good. Now I know what's the truth. I want to say sorry to you for talking trash just the way my coach did. I watched lots of your old videos about singing and everything suddenly made me open my eyes wider. You are the truth. You are a rockstar , a phenomenal vocalist at your time and still is. You spent huge amount of money for your voice, you lived your life as a rockstar. And you are really giving us what had worked for you and help many people who follow your teachings reach their dreams and make them come true. I see Jesus in you. Thanks ken.

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