Report Playback Issues (A Primer)

Okay, here’s a new feature that may be useful
and may be not. It came out just around the fourth of July
and I’ll stop the video so you can pay attention… …It’s something called, oh, There it is! okay, get that circle on there… Al Qaeda bring it
down there. Okay, “Report Playback Issue” down down down down down
okay …report playback issue. Instead of trying to go to the Help Forum, or
trying to find some other way to contact [YouTube]… This is a direct way to contact YouTube about various playback issues. You’ll
see them on the list when you click on it … What to do, is right quick on your video
and you get that little pull-down menu That shows you this form and the interesting part of the form should be coming
down pretty soon… It says “I have another issue. Provide details
below:” The reason why I’m doing this is I’ve
got a video that’s been of broken for Oh, since November, and involves an issue
with .AVI containers. Probably not very interesting to you, but, I put in the information. Look! there’s
a real a tiny space there but it actually holds a lot more information than you can
see in that little box and you put your information in there and
then you fill in the rest of the form and that’s pretty much it! Now whether it works
or not? …time will tell, but least it’s a way that gets your information directly
to YouTube about any sort of playback issues you’re having. Some of those may be concerns
such as connection speed and other issues, but for people
who are having problems with the audio, or videos being truncated, to are cut in half or lengthened, or any of a number of other issues
that could come up when people are using different codecs [especially some not recommended] this is a way to get that reported. And you’ll get
a Feedback ID number [on the form]. You should make a of record of that ID, because
I can’t be sure how well this new feature will work and if you need to bring the
issue up again, if it doesn’t get fixed, that Feedback ID is likely to be your main tool
to show this issue has been raised and follow up on your specific issue so anyway, enjoy the rest of the fireworks.


Oh fine! So now that I've wasted 3 minutes and 12 seconds of my pathetic life watching for a premature ejaculation, I find out there isn't one?! Damn you! LOL

All seriousness aside, if this works, as in engineering actually sees and reacts to issues reported through this, it could be enormously useful. Whether this will come to fruition remains to be seen.

what happens when you report play back issue? i accidently clicked it so dont know what happens? please help 🙂

@ebbixx but you see no messge thing came up my laptop mouse had been messing up and instead of pausing it it right clicked it and it said report video playback issue and i tried to get out of it but accidently like clicked it somehow and nothing came up so does that mean i didnt report the video? and what is report play back issue?? thanks

Ok so, I don't know if you will answer this but I have an issue. All I'm trying to do is watch other peoples videos. I hear the audio just fine and for those uploads where there are captions, those popup up just fine. As for the video, I have nothing but green. No matter whose video I click on to watch I get nothing but green. Any clues?

can i report a playback issue with the playback issue???????.next stop the f=====g laptop goes out the =F=====g window.

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