Quicktech: Trust Madell Desktop Microphone

The Madell by Trust is a vintage-style omni-directional passive desktop microphone designed for all-around indoor purposes such as chatting, gaming, singing, vlogging, etc. It connects to your PC and laptop using a 3.5 millimeter audio connection. The microphone comes with a detachable pop filter, tripod stand, and adapter cable for speaker and headphones. The microphone is small enough to hold in your hand and even pack for travel. The pieces that come along with it are optional and don’t take up that much space, either. It’s unbelievably light, too. I’m not so sure how robust or cheaply made it is, and I don’t plan on finding out. I was browsing the computer store one day for USB-C devices because of today’s smartphones nowadays… when I took a quick glance at the microphones. The one that caught my eye was the Madell by Trust. I gave it a day to think about whether or not I should get it… but the next time I stopped by, the opportunity passed up and it was gone from the shelves So I figured I could settle with a lesser microphone. That was a big mistake. See, my previous microphone had a broad signal-to-noise ratio and couldn’t pick up on highs and lows that very well. You had to hiss as hard as a snake for it to sound normal. The Madell on the other hand is so sensitive that it doesn’t need as much effort on your part for it to pick up your voice nicely. Luckily, it was the weekend and I found one shopping in another city. Now of course, what with it being an omnidirectional mic… it’s going to pick up a lot of white noise. But the end result isn’t too bad once you put it through some digital signal processing and bring down the noise. What’s also impressive is, despite being very small… the metal pop filter is actually good at bringing down winds and plosives. Running Smule on my smartphone, I used the adapter and tested both microphones just to hear the difference when run with an ambient signal with active noise canceling. The difference is night and day. And honestly, there’s not much else I can say about this product. If you’re starting out as a podcaster, a vlogger, or a gamer, I highly recommend it. That’s it. Thanks for watching!


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