QuadCast Microphone Compatibility Guide

HyperX Quadcast
multi-platform compatibility HyperX Quadcast can connect to
PC, Mac, and PS4 via USB cable. Certified for Discord and teamspeak and compatible with the most popular chat and casting programs, like OBS, Skype, Mumble, and Xsplit. Windows Setup Start by right-clicking on the sound icon
on the system tray and selecting Sounds. On theplayback tab select Speakers,
HyperX Quadcast and click on the Set Default button. On the recording tab Select Microphone, HyperX Quadcast and click on the Set Default button. Mac OS Setup Start by opening System Preferences
and selecting Sound. On The output tab, select HyperX Quadcast. On the input tab select HyperX Quadcast. PS4 Setup Start by entering the PS4 main
menu and go to Settings, Devices, Audio Devices. Set Input Device to
USB Headset (HyperX Quadcast). Set Output Device to
USB Headset (HyperX Quadcast). Set Output to Headphones to All Audio. Set Volume Control (Headphones)
to desired volume. For additional support and information visit hyperxgaming.com/support


We need a better hyperX gaming mouse!! All is so awesome from hyperX but the mauses are trash. When i write somesting wrong, sorry but my english is trash like the hyperX mouses. But hyperx headset, keyboard, microfin and mouspads are so epic.

Does it work for xbox? What would happen if I did try it for xbox by plugging the cord into the xbox would it work?

@HyperX, I use the Cloud Flight which I really love, but I'm on PS4, and when I try changing the inputs and stuff so I hear volume through my headset (wireless not wired) it doesnt work and only let's the quadcast use the input, which means It just doesnt let the cloud flight, have output. (If the quadcast is changed to input then its automatically changed to output, not sure why) I understand I can plug it into the mic, however I would rather use the wireless connection. I there a way to do this? Also, if I plug it into the controller the same issue occurs where I cannot use the mic and listen through the headphones simultaneously.

I use a wireless headset, can I still use the quadcast and my headset? (Because I dont have headset for in and output device)

I really hope Xbox support comes out because this mic actually seems pretty cool and because I already bought it without knowing that it didn’t work with Xbox

Im looking to buy this microphone for use on my ps4 pro, will this work if i use my logitech g933 strictly for audio and the quadcast for speech?

How do you set it up for party chat and in game sounds if you already have headsets with a mic? I have ps4, and the hyper x cloud 2. I want to be able to listen through the headphones but party chat and talk to my friends through the quadcast? Do you have any settings to set this up?

unfortunately these kind of microphones will never come to my country, there is no way to buy it. I use a headset microphone, a very bad microphone …

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