QM: 9 Songs of the Moving Heavens Episode 81 English Subtitles

Translator: flycrane01
Proofreaders: Emraldr, cynthaiz
Timing: 5Water “Quiz: In which episode will you die?” Today, Baiyue is truly weak, divided and helpless. But you should also know that several hundred years ago, there was a country that dominated the Central Plain. That country was precisely the ancestor of Baiyue, the State of Yue. Located in a barbaric land, how was Yue able to defeat the State of Wu at the peak of its power and achieve hegemony? I would like to improve the relationship between our two countries as a prince of Han, so that we can help each other thrive. I will have the food prepared immediately. The down payment must be delivered within two days. I will see that my promise is fulfilled. I am on a mission for my royal father. Why did you stop me? Someone is plotting with other countries to start a rebellion. Are you planning to accuse me of collecting firewood in the wilderness? You didn’t think that I was too stupid to see through such a simple scheme, did you? Ignition powder. Who’s on the wagon? I am to be married to the general, with Feicui Hu as the matchmaker. Open the gate and let us through, or I will ask the general to move you to the border. Understood! I suppose Han Fei is slightly clever. He came up with this trick to detour through Nanyang. What? Han Fei has returned to Xinzheng? He is drinking in his house right now. Has he brought the food back? Episode 81: The Decision of Lord Xinling Han Fei appeared in Wei’s royal palace in Daliang. I know that. I preemptively dispatched an envoy. An envoy? How long has it been since he contacted you? Could it be— Han Fei succeeded in buying food from Wei? You must’ve been exhausted preparing for the celebration of my royal father’s birthday, my lord. I’m just carrying out my duty. Ninth Prince, you on the other hand, must’ve had some difficulties collecting food. We are both the king’s subjects. Naturally, we should do our best to serve His Majesty. However, in light of the current situation… Ninth Prince, the king’s birthday celebration is of paramount importance. As the minister responsible for it, I cannot act on my own. Well said. I’ve invited my lord merely to express gratitude on behalf of my fourth brother. Let’s just enjoy the wine and not talk about any other affairs. Then, here’s to my prince. My lord, drink up. You are our honored guest today, my lord. Yes, a man as successful as you is hard to come by. “National Treasury” Who are you? Be careful, my lord. Farewell, Ninth Prince. You’re drunk, my lord. You left this in my house. My official sigil. It’s late. I wish you a safe trip home, my lord. How did it go? It’s done. The news just came that there was a fire at the food warehouse. What? Steward Zhang, the fire is too difficult to control. Please hide somewhere safe. Why are you not putting it out? Causing a fire through dereliction of duty is a major crime. Zifang. Brother Han. What’s the situation? The food that I gathered over the past few days was in the warehouse, but now… They’re the armored palace guards that Ji Wuye commands. How is the cleanup going? Reporting to Ninth Prince: Three rooms burnt down. The food that Mister Zhang collected was also ruined. Nightfall must have learned that I acquired food from Wei. They burnt down the food warehouse to destroy my last chance. Fortunately, the military rations were not affected in the fire. The military rations… Ninth Prince, there’s an emergency report from Nanyang! Some victims of the disaster have starved. So, this is the fatal move. Very good. Han Fei is truly caught at a dead end this time. Relay my order: Send more people to defend the military rations. Accidents… …will not be tolerated. Understood. Nightfall has blocked all paths except for the way of death, forcing us to walk on it. “Warehouse of Military Rations” Who is it?! Lord Prime Minister, somebody broke into the warehouse and stole the military rations. Relay my order: Block the thieves no matter what. Please wait, Grandfather. Did you… There’s no turning back for you now. Those with the option of turning back often lack the courage to move forward. Nightfall kept their food in an obvious place because they wanted you to lose this game. Every game must be played by two sides. If I don’t lose a little, wouldn’t all their hard work be for nothing? Kneel now! I’m guilty. Please punish me, Grandfather. Grandfather! Many years ago, when Lord Xinling stole a token to save Zhao, he did not hesitate to kill General Jin Bi. What’s your take on that, Grandfather? Lord Xinling did indeed save Zhao. However, Zifang, do you know what his fate was? You should know the consequences of your actions. This message came just now. More than a hundred people have starved in Nanyang. The missing military rations can be replaced, but the dead will never return. Iron as credit, and blood as justice. The array of iron and blood will not be stopped by anyone, dead or alive. The Iron Blood Alliance. Ninth Prince, today is the third day of your bet with Feicui Hu. As the price of food is rising, please pay what you owe in advance, according to the terms of the bet. The debt is 1,000 units of gold. Alright. Bring them here. You are a credible man, my prince. Farewell. Where did you get the money? Did you embezzle… Do you have any idea what kind of felony this is? As the Minister of Criminal Justice, I am all too aware. Dear heavens, will you really refuse to show Nanyang any mercy? The food is here! It’s… It’s food! Great! It’s really food! We’re saved! We finally have food now! It’s real food! Has the food really been delivered to Nanyang? Yes, and there’s a huge amount. It seems that the Ninth Prince indeed used the military rations without permission. Good. 2,000 buckets? He shouldn’t have any money left. Relay my order: All the food on the market must be purchased by me. My lord, the price of food is extremely high at present. A massive purchase right now will consume a lot of your wealth. What do you know? As long as there is no food left on the market, even if Han Fei somehow gets a huge fortune, he won’t have enough food to make up the deficit. While the amount of food he bought in Wei is substantial, it is just a drop in the bucket compared to the military rations that he took. Looting military rations is punishable by death. It’s time to tighten the noose. Four of the Five Hegemons of the Spring and Autumn Period, Qi, Chu, Jin and Wu, conquered the Central Plain one after another. However, when Yue destroyed Wu, it marked the end of that era of hegemony. That’s because Qi, Chu, Jin and Wu were tigers looming on the Central Plain, while Yue was a wolf— no, a pack of wolves. At the end of the Spring and Autumn Period, Wu consecutively defeated Qi, Chu and Jin, and transformed itself into a superpower. However, seizing the opportunity while Wu’s army was abroad, Yue attacked abruptly and quickly occupied Wu. Wu’s army hastened to return, but the exhausted soldiers were crushed by the State of Yue. There was not a single survivor. Wolves will not attack tigers in a head-on battle. Instead, they will take advantage of the enemy’s carelessness when they are too confident, and work together to attack the enemy’s weakness.


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Damn Fei chiu hu and that general 😡😡 I hate them alot, and I feel bad for the citizen, looking forward to the next ep

(although I know how that evil general died, but I still have no idea how the fat guy die, and I really feel the injustice in the Royal life, those who are good and help people tend to suffer where as the evil embark like fire 😢)

And I wonder why Heaven song enemy is more dangerous and difficult than qin moon enemy 😂😂😂 the enemy here make qin moon enemy look like amateur 🤣

Thank you for your hard work! I always do a little 'skwee' every time I see you've uploaded; even though I'm stressing these last few episodes so hard … sigh. I so love Han Fei.

Love this series so much. I think that Feicui Hu desmise will come very soon. But Han Fei really take pretty high risk in this one. I mean how will he justified the food origin ? How will he prove that he did all that really for the people and not to forment a scheme against his father. Can't wait but will wait. Thanks a lot Mooncake team

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