Pronunciation: The sound /s/

Hi, I’m Tim and this is my pronunciation workshop.
Here, I’m gonna show you how English is really spoken. It’ll help you become a better listener
and a more fluent speaker. Come on, let’s go inside. Now, do you know my star sign? Of course you don’t, I don’t even know my star sign. I don’t
believe in any of that rubbish. But I know someone who does. Say hello to my twin, Tom. Hi Hi Tom Oh, hi Tim. Now, Tom, do you know what our star sign is? Well, I don’t know about your star sign Tim, but I’m a
Gemini. Thanks Tom, you can go now. You’re welcome. Bye. You know when I think of Tom, and the fact
that I got the brains and the good looks, it makes me feel a bit like this.
Oh, I’ve got an idea. I can use this to help with this week’s topic. Let’s ask the people
of London what they think of this photo. How many ‘s’ s are there in the words ‘he
looks sad’. Two, right. But how many can you hear? Watch again. When one word ends in a /s/ sound and the
next word begins in /s/, we don’t pronounce both sounds, nor do we pronounce just one
sound. Instead they come together to make a slightly longer ‘s’ sound. So, ‘he looks
sad’ becomes ‘he lookssad’. This is called ‘twinning’ or gemination. It helps the words
flow more fluently from one to the other in everyday speech. Here are some more examples: Right, so you’ve heard the examples, and now
it’s your turn. Are you ready to start? Listen and repeat. How did you get on? Great. Remember, you
can always read more about this topic on our website, That’s all
from the workshop for now. See you next week. Bye bye. Oh, Tim, I’ve got it! If I’m Gemini and you’re
my twin, then you must be Virgo! He really is stupid.


Why does Tim make fun of poor Tom? I like this lesson very much but making fun or a slower brother is bad.. It makes feel a little bit like this.. :(. I was going to twitter this to my students but the joke on a slower thinker is not a good lesson..

why he's and is can be connected with /s/ sound which end in an /z/ sound. By the way what's the difference between RP accent and Posh accent,they sound similar to me.

When one word ends in a /s/ sound and the next word begins in /s/, we don't pronounce both sounds.

Look at the following examples mentioned in this video:
She's silly.
He's sitting over there.

But "she's" and "he's" end in a /z/ sound, not a /s/ sound.

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