Product Testing: Makeup Sound ASMR [ํ™”์žฅ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท] ft. Moschino Cushion, Gucci Palette, MAC [K-Beauty]

hello, it’s jisu. welcome back to my channel. thanks for clicking. you did such a good job today. too good. ok. so, today’s cushion is… we used it last time and got a good response: moschino cushion. let’s use it after replacing it. I highly praise moschino cushion every time I go live. it fits my tone well, and gets applied well too, so… I think it fits koreans’ tone and especially the guys’ tone like me. I recommend this to guys like me. I recommend it because it has a natural male tone for guys like me. so, let me use the moschino cushion one more time. I turned mine upside down once… let me rip it. ok, there’s the cushion inside like this too. ok. ok, moschino “chic skin” cushion, number 2: chic beige. let me replace it. inside this really pretty moschino case… it got dirty… dirty but pretty cushion, replacing it, then let’s take it off. [3rd-generation ASMR shit: where’s this even going?] ok. ta-da. the sound of tearing this off was really good last time, wasn’t it? [flat af] ok, as I told you earlier, I have already covered my face with moschino. onto this, one more time… let me try to cover it with moschino. ok, let’s cover it. the sounds: ugh, this freshly-squeezed cushion’s squeezing sounds. this puff though… I think this moschino puff doesn’t really absorb well. I don’t know if it’s coming off well but I just can’t see it. anyway, it feels like it doesn’t really absorb tightly? [the rest of subtitles will be added later, sorry for the delay & meanwhile enjoy the makeup itself! ❤️ – jis]

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