Preview: Let The Smackdown Begin! | Season 2 | THE MASKED SINGER


Bet flower is the best singer in there and she going to hit the whistle note just because the judge said only few of people in the world can do that !!!!!!

SOMEONE said she was tone deaf.
I have been a fan of hers ever since she was on the love boat…..
Yep… I said the love boat….
Moving rite along…

By the looks of it Penguins gonna be unmasked, you can see fox with two different outfits, meaning 2 performances, they complimented the flower, meaning she’s really good 🤞🏽, and the eagle just seems more liver than the penguin in to others

I have to hear Eagle’s voice to be sure, but based on everything I see, I think it’s Bruce Springsteen.

1.) He’s an American bald eagle. Bruce Springsteen has a hit song called, “Born In The USA”.
2.) He has a red bandanna which was specifically requested. I remember Bruce Springsteen wearing a red bandanna back in the 1980s.
3.) He has a rock star outfit. The outfit to me speaks of the 1970s, which would be correct & Bruce Springsteen is a rock star. “The Boss”.

However, until I hear his voice, I won’t be sure.

Does anyone else have any guesses?

If the Eagle get's unmasked tomorrow night. I hope I could get him right. But here's my guess, Bill Ray Cyrus, reply agree if you agree with me.

Renner could be the Fox but only if by doing the math on height and using Nick as a guide as he is 6 foot. The person under the mask of Thingamagic is around 6'3'' to 6'5'' cause the guy in thingamagic's outfit sees out of his mouth. Renner is 5'9'' so where the fox puts the mic when answering a question just add 3 inches to get a basic guess on height and that will let us know if that is Renner but some people said that it could be RDJ who is the same height but then again RDJ does wear lifts in his shoes so whats to say that Renner wouldn't do that to hide his height.

I see a lot of people thinking that the Eagle's gonna be unmasked this week, but I'm not sure that's the case. If you look at "Preview: You're Going to Be Blown Away," you can see Nick's outfit during Eagle's unmasking. In the newly uploaded videos with Flower & Fox, you can see he's wearing some pretty distinctive shoes in tomorrow's episode that don't seem to match what he's wearing for Eagle's unmasking.

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