Pretty Songs with Death Metal Lyrics!

Hello again, to all my friends. I’m Stevie T and let me tell ya.(Subs by Noah Lathrop) I love acoustic music But I also love death metal So, what I thought would be a fun idea for today’s video is if I took some pretty nice acoustic songs. And replaced the lyrics with Cannibal Copse lyrics. ‘Cause Cannibal Corpse lyrics are fun, exciting, violent, gross, and awesome. So I hope you enjoy. (Does weird raising eyebrows thing Idk but it was weird) (Man that’s brutal ) (This is funny but why you doing this Stevie??) (Okay wow) (Well I mean I guess if they’re dead?) (Now I’m scared) Severed esophagus as vocal chord collapse. Violently cutting bloody gel leaking out. Tearing off muscles from the bones of his chest i can’t take it Its something unpredictable, but in the end its right. I hope you had the time of your life. (thats better.) Well, There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed the video Hope you had a couple laughs And if you wanna see more Of course, I got some other videos for you to check out too! And of course, dont forget to click on this sexy button to subcribe for a lot more content! So I cant wait to see you, in my next video.


Cannibal corpse? This is seriously what The y sing about? What weirdos! Not scarey, no t even disturbing,,, more like, Get a grip, boys!

ok ok you have slowly become my favorite heavy metal computer geek . ok now do vincent do vincent damit ha ha ha ha ha . give in to your feelings and come to the dark side . lol well that just happened hmm . ………………wait for it ………… i bet you can take don mclean's vincent and transform it into a heavy metal work of art . or maybe not maybe it is just to much for you . i mean i picked a pretty easy song but i guess we will see . do it now the dark side commands it ha ha ha ha ha . ….. dam it i hate it when that happens .

Just stop it stop stop stop fucking stop I try my best I have never said I was good at guitar YES I AM VERY BAD AT GUITAR JUST FUCKING STOP

You know the bleeping of the word 'fucking' but everything else still being allowed in feels kinda redundant :/

I don’t see the point of death metal songs having lyrics because nobody will be able to decipher the lyrics. Pretty much all you hear is AAAAaAHHhHhHhHhHhhHhHhHhhhHHAaaaaaaaaahahahhhhhh

Is it weird how I, an 11 year old, likes Lamb of god level heaviness in music. I can never listen to it because my family hates that genre.

Damn dude. You got talent beyond talent. You're funny I love your channel. Make a serious record Man. Millions of people would buy it. Get a killer voice and you're an amazing guitar player. Should make an acoustic album at least. Makes me sad you're not using all that talent that you got. I have anything to be able to sing like you and play like you. Time goes by before you know it buddy. I remember just the other day I was 33 and now I'm 54. Not in good health. You're here one day and you're gone the next. Make some real music to leave behind dude. What I'm saying is from the heart man.

I know it's a joke,

but how dare you taint a master piece such as tears in heaven!
I'm genuinely upset now, especially with the whole story that goes behind that song.

I'll chop open your skull and poopoo inside
Diarrhea brain smoothy
Stir my dookie in your brains with a knife
Death defecation
Skull toilet play
I'll shart in your
violated cranium…

Cmon. Can't be too hard to write stupid lyrics like theirs… That bar isn't too high.

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