Portugal. The Man “Feel It Still” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

John: Back in the day, you know on SongMeanings.com,
that spot. There was one kid that would just write out
these huge elaborate meanings to our songs. It all made perfect sense. But it wasn’t right. John: I picked up this bass and started playing
this bass line. Our friend Asa, Asa Taccone, was back there
hanging out and he heard the bass line. He had heard something in that, so he had
me track this bass line. As I’m doing it, he’s like, Yeah, you got
another part in there, you got like a bridge for me? I was like, Yeah, sure I go this line. Zach: Before we knew it, we didn’t even realize
we were doing anything, after about 45 minutes or an hour, we just kinda realized, Hey, I
think we have a song here. Which is interesting that it ended up being
our single. John: It’s just the way songs should happen,
in my opinion. Laid down some scratch vocals, just a rough
vocal, which is actually, I’m pretty sure, that’s what’s on the performance too. The first two verses are just from that session. Eric: that’s such a crafty opening. You don’t know which way the songs gonna take
you at that point. You don’t know what that implies. John: I have a little daughter named Francis,
she’s five years old now. I guess over the course of this album she’s
obviously been growing up. She was two and a half, three years old when
we started working on this record. So her growing up’s been a huge part of
this record, and I think this song especially, some of that stuff just kind of seeped into
the lyrics as I was writing. Zach: That was the first lyric that was wrote
for the song. Finding the first line… once you’ve got
that, you just kind of go with it. John: A rebel just for kicks is the guy who’s
gonna go out and tell you the truth about politics, and tell you the truth about religion,
and he’ll do it in a funny way that’s real and serious, but he’s also not going to vote,
because he doesn’t trust government. John: So 1966, I wrote this lyric, mainly
because it was the first year, like the acid test year. Eric: The riots that went down in Chicago
as the start of the Black Panther Party. Zach: The music then, that inspired that movement,
and that generation, was caused from social and political climates that are very similar
to what’s going on now. Zach: Kind of a straight up reference to Fight
For Your Right to Party, Beastie Boys, which came out on License to Ill in 1986. Eric: We were just all kind of at that right
age to just wanna fight for your right to party. You know, I was raised kinda like a good kid,
but then I kinda learned how to break the rules a little bit, by the Beastie Boys, thanks
to the Beastie Boys. John: Am I gonna leave my daughter, as she’s
growing up, am I going to be leaving her with the babysitter, and then one day I’m just
gonna pass away and like … how much time do I get to spend with her? John: With our lyric changes in the chorus,
it is very subtle stuff, and it’s something that we tend to do quite a bit. I think it’s important, especially being a
rock band, in a way, to have this fluid movement that isn’t held up by like … you’re not
hitting that wall of, here’s the block, here comes the chorus block. John: It’s a George Carlin quote. Eric: Fighting a war for peace is like fucking
for virginity. It’s just banging your head into a wall
over and over again, you’re not gonna win. John: It’s another one of those lyrics that
just kind of seeps in. With all the talk right now, of building a
wall at our borders, and the Berlin Wall, it was so much just like the image that you
had in your head growing up that these people are separated by a wall, and why do we need
that? John: It was the time when 1966 like, is that
movement happening again. Zach: To me, it’s revolution. It’s fighting. Eric: The fight’s always worth fighting for. The fight’s always worth fighting for. In good times or bad times, we’re always trying
to be better as a people. Eric: the whole song, you’re talking about,
you know, these sort of snapshots of time and human history, specifically American history,
and sort of the struggles that we’ve gone through and now suddenly we’re trying to make
America great, and that’s not how you do it. For me, yeah, it speaks to a new age of a
need to be aware and to rile things up, and to step out of line sometimes.



I mean it’s interesting to know what they were supposedly thinking when they wrote this- but when I write I write about 3 different things – one is face value, one is implied, one is metaphor. The line ‘might be over now but I feel it still might have had your fill but you feel it still’ might be a metaphor for what life brings with these politics & face value what is over? what can we still feel? goes for everything bc everything ends & leaves it’s mark but implied is totally rape. “i’m a rebel just for kicks now” he’s saying i’m gonna talk about all those things that make you uncomfortable – & he keeps saying ‘am i coming out of left field?’ like tell me i’m wrong. 1) is about kids & how people abandon them & questions the difference btwn people who leave their kids w a babysitter & saying should we just kill them/get rid of them for you..tell me i’m wrong. & i’m not gonna keep going but i don’t even know how i feel until after i put it on paper/ so maybe he was like damn i feel hella guilty about that & worded it so harsh. it is harsh. it’s a harsh reality.

This is one of my favorite songs bc of the message behind it. Like soon as you hear it you know what it's talking about.

So jealous of John's hats literally everytime I see him. What fuckin thrift stores does he go to for those finds man?

Love the song not the politics
Hillary wanted to build a wall once
Black Panther terrorists… .seriously??
Sick cry Musicians, Hollywood, celebrities etc all shouting about politics like they know it all can do one now…

Love this song but this remix is acc the best
(Sry for shitty advertising but its acc gd)

I love how there is a story, a meaning in songs.
It's a poem sung to the world.
To tell about politics and movements.
And I thought it's about some wonky senior dunking around in Khol's.

(The last two parts of the lyrics still didn't make any sense since they didn't clarify it very well at all)

i totally thought this song was inspired by the beatles please mr postman cause they sounded similar to me lol. also sounds a lot more like a song you dance to and not rly a rock song trying to inspire ppl to wake up to social injustice

Too bad he glossed over the line "Start flipping for my enemies" – what does that mean? Does it mean "change my mind/opinion", "challenge my long-held beliefs"?

Thank you. And dope music with real heart for people and future. Few more songs and spread them out now you are known big time. And spend time with your baby girl.

I've seen you guys with Cage The Elephant, 05/06/16. I didn't know who you guys were and now I listen to your shit. Keep it up. ♥ This isn't my favorite song, but I am so glad you guys got on the radio.

Why do they all just restate the lyrics with a normal speaking voice instead of singing the song?

Kinda disappointed.

And here I thought it was about a bit of a change or return in styles within popular music…nope, it's this boring crap. Being a "rebel just for kicks" on a political scale is not much of a rebel, at all. You don't put your heart in, you are just half-assing your message. It amounts to "don't vote"…fantastic. Well, with only two (realistic) choices for a huge diverse mass of people, that voting system is a farce, anyway. So, maybe it doesn't even matter what you do. But still…that's a pathetic message. Most artists should just stay away from getting political. It makes them look silly and nothing else.

The reason this song is soo good is because it sooo fucking real..
I disagree with your inexperience, but definitely respect that you think… thinking is something your generation hasn't been doing very well at.

Really you had to change the timeline and make a crappier version of this song you didn't create this song another dude did ONE dude but Nooo you had to changs the timeline. Idiots some people will remember it no matter what you do with the timeline.

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