As an Opera Singer, of course I love
being on stage but one day I got the opportunity to sing Opera Arias in a
restaurant. This completely changed my Vision as an Artist because I had direct
contact to my audience. Usually I have the contact to my audience in a much
more separate, distant manner and this was complete contact. I could see their
reactions to my high notes, I could see their reactions to my facial expressions-
I was able to see the effect Music was having in THAT Moment in THEIR Life and
this Transformed my Vision as an Artist I’m on a Mission now. I want to bring
Theatre to People. I want to bring Classical Music to LIFE- not only in the
Theater to Life- but also in our Every Day Life Because that’s where we live! Although I was Trained as a Classical Singer And I love Singing Classical
Music- I have this huge calling to sing Pop Music as well It’s just so fun to
sing the songs that are on the radio That people can recognize because you know we want to communicate with one another So this song is from Katy Perry- a
very very Popular Singer in the World right now Nature is one of the places that brings
me the greatest inspiration as an Artist It is a place where I feel completely
connected to myself and to the World that I am living in My name is Tatiana Kallmann and I am a Classically Trained Vocalist

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