Polyphonic overtone singing exercise: scale on alternating fundamental

in this video we show how to sing overtones
on a changing fundamental the fundamental alternates between two tones
that are a semitone apart. In this example we use d and d sharp. so on the fundamental you just keep
singing this and on the overtones you sing an ascending
scale. so again this is what the fundamental does and that’s what the overtones do. so let’s hear an example of an actual
singer. that’s a recording that we’ve already
made and here it follows the pattern fundamental and overtones that I have
just shown. let’s hear the fundamental first. i
can do this by using this frequency filter which filters out everything in the
spectrum that’s not in this box here. now i’m selecting a time range and
it will look through this section. so you can hear it is uh… doing exactly what I showed you earlier alternating between these two tones now i can look at what the overtones do. so now I’ve already taken out the filter and
you can hear the fundamental and the overtone together
and you get this changing fundamental here and the overtone scale here now with this method you can start ascending scales that get higher
and higher let’s hear one that’s slightly longer
than the previous one now you can practice this and go higher and higher until you reach the whole
range of your overtones so far we have used a semitone step
for the fundamental interval. of course you can also use other intervals. so to remind us this was the semitone step and now let’s change it to a whole tone
step let’s listen to the change in quality
that this produces again using this method with a different
interval you can practice until you reach a scale that uses your entire range of overtones so using these patterns you can use this to practice your overtone singing and to try these scales which are much
harder than just using the scale on the unchanging fundamental but uh… it’s a very interesting
effect and you can experiment with the different qualities of the scale that
you get by using a different interval for the fundamental

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