Polo G “Battle Cry” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

You know when somebody real when it’s just
like, the things that they doing, it’s just come naturally and it ain’t for validation. Like, they ain’t doing this just to say they
did it or be applauded about what they did. They doing it because they just genuine. But a lot of people who fake, it’s like, they’ll
look for somebody like, “Yeah, I did this and I did that.” Like, brag upon what they did when that ain’t
even necessary. The moment of inspiration for the song, I
was just sittin’ in the studio. My writing process is I just reflect on situations
that I’ve been through and just think about it as deeply as I can and then just translate
it into lyrics. I feel like, in this day and age, real is
rare. A lot of people gon’ switch up when they get
something that they ain’t accustomed to. It’s like it’s really depending on how you
was raised and how you came up. If you come from humble beginnings and you
really like learned from them situations, and you gon’ know how to adjust to any new
situation you put in. But a lot of people don’t be able to do that. 1300 block, it’s like, it’s always buzzing. It’s always loud. When you come ridin’ through our block, you
gon’ see a million people out, like, no matter what the weather is. It was just like a real nice, like, family
sense, like era coming up. It’s important that I stay rooted and grounded
on where I came from because I feel like if I forget about that, then I’m gon’ lose myself. I’m gon’ turn into a whole new person. And I’m trying to set a example for the other
people that’s comin’ behind me. I got homies and we all went through the same
thing, so it’s like me knowing that I done went through the pain of us losing this homie
and I can see it’s messing with you and it got you messed up in the head too. I know that pain when I see it because I can
look in the mirror and see it in myself. Some of the hardest challenges I’ve faced
throughout life was really just like bein’ depressed, not feelin’ myself. Not bein’ myself. I used to look out for a lot of different
things to find happiness in but I just had to find it within myself. That was like the main thing. Just depression. The pills help me get through harder times
’cause it’s like it take that away from my mind. And in the sense like sometimes I get creative
and I want to write a song. It’s like them two different outlets to keep
what I been through off my mind. Ed, that was my homie since we was like shorties. All us in the hood in my crowd like we done
known each other since we was like six seven years old. Comin’ up we used to play AAU Ed was like
the star on the basketball team he was ranked in, basketball in the city in Chicago. We all believed that he was gonna be the one
to make it to the NBA because he was so good at basketball, real tall and everything. When the situation of him gettin’
killed it just it hurt all of us. If you in the streets at all period, you a
part of that war. I don’t really go up in the hood no more. Ever since I moved to Cali that made my outlook
on life different. I don’t want to be in the hood wastin’ my
time. You will end up gettin’ yourself wrapped up
in situations where it’s like you digressin’ not progressin’ so it’s like- but I come to
show my face from time to time just ’cause I know I got love there. You going on social media, you going to have
your people. They don’t know if they’re going to be savages
or comedians. It’s like really every other single day is
a clout chase. Everybody want to be seen, so it’s like they’re
going out of their way to be seen. I can say I hold grudges, but at the
same token, I leave it alone if you leave it alone, but I’m still never going to rock
with you. If, like, you showed your true colors, it’s
over with, ain’t no coming back from that, because it’s like if you snake me once, you’re
going to do it again. Chicago, it’s like guns, that’s like second nature. Where I’m from people die going on their way
to school. I don’t want that happening to me, so it’s
like take my gun to school. When you broke or coming up, it’s just like
you be feeling like since you got nothing, like physically or no money, like, you feel
like you aint’ got nothing at all. You ain’t thinking about the family sense and
how you got all this too. You’re just thinking I’m broke or I ain’t
got it, so it’s like you ain’t got nothing to lose. Then it’s like when you come up you see everything
for what it’s really worth, and you got a different perspective so you just look like,
nah, I don’t got to do non that no more. I did that, and now I’m trying to
be better.


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