Perk Spotlight Ep. 4: Song of Flame (Voidsummoner Build)

What the heck is a Voidsummoner? Well, it’s just a nickname for one of the
most fun things my friends and I do when we run through the Strike Playlists, like the Roc Strikes or the Dragon Strikes. Anyways a Voidsummoner is just a nickname I came up with for a Voidwalker Warlock that can unleash its grenades as fast, or even faster than Radiant Sunsingers! Thank You for tuning in guardians. On this episode of Perk Spotlight we’re going to be going over Song of Flame.
You know… that one perk you completely forgot about cause you’re
using Fireborn! Many Thanks to Malevolent fish from be
destiny ready for providing the information on Song of Flame. Here is a
quick breakdown: If you have no investment at all into
your Discipline or Strength, it will cool down in 60 seconds. If you are within 8 meters of a Song of Flame, Radiant Sunsinger, this will be reduced to 10 seconds and reduced even farther 7 seconds if said
Sunsinger is wearing the Heart of the Praxic Fire. Ok, what
about if you have 100% investment? It will be reduced down to
3.5 seconds. But, here is the main point of the Voidsummoner: Embrace the Void. Energy Drain reduces your grenade cooldown. The Hunger increases the duration of
Energy Drain from 5 seconds to 8 seconds. If you combine all this, Song of
Flame, and Embraced the Void, your grenades will
charge your grenades, and your Super will charge your grenades.
You’re gonna get to the point where you’re going to be be throwing them out every 1.75
seconds, especially if you have the Nothing Manacles. I seriously cannot think of any perk more underrated than Song of Flame. Think of it as a portable Ward of Dawn that has 8 meter radius and even when you
leave the 8-Meter radius, you will still have the buff for
5 entire seconds. So you can just keep coming back every 5
seconds to refresh the buff. You don’t even have to be a Voidsummoner to take full
advantage of Song of Flame. You can have an Armamentarium Titan on your team with Flashbang grenades constantly blinding an entire room of enemies. The concepts explained in this video have been neatly compiled in the description below. If you have any other Destiny-related questions
feel free to contact me on Facebook or Twitter. You will be heard. Also, remember when I
said I was gonna make videos for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt? Don’t worry it’s
still gonna happen. I’m just waiting for the next major patch to be coming, and I hear it’s coming very, very soon Also, I’m gonna start streaming finally. (…eh…) I’m not the most extroverted person in the world, but I’ll do my best. I’m going to be streaming Minecraft –
which I’m barely getting into … if you’d f***ing believe that. And, oh, I cursed. F***! Dammit! Ah!!! Anyways I will be streaming Destiny, of course, and Spelunky.
as well Do you know what Spelunky is? You really should know what Spelunky is… Anyways, those details are going to be on
my Facebook, if you’re ever interested in joining a Raid stream. Thank You all so much for all the amazing
feedback I’m DannyTheConsumer, and as always, Spread
Your Fire Guardians!


Go ahead, and tell me, that warlock are not the masterrace … First being able to semf ressurrect, and now this ? … Wtf man, 'nades/10

Your videos are just getting better and better and it's amazing to see you grow, plus you always know your shit. Keep kicking ass man.

Played around with this combo a few weeks ago in PoE with that reduced cooldown modifier (can't remember the name). I was giggling like a little schoolgirl XD

Bungie nerf dis man pls.

Jokes apart, nice video, I've been looking for a build like this for months, but it' so hard to get Discipline-only gear. -_-

I get this feeling you're gonna be one of my favorite streamers just from the personality you have in this video. Looking forward to it!

I need this in my life NOW. Thanks so much I cannot believe I never knew about this and Nothing Manacles are my favorite Warlock exotic armor too!

It's great that you pick out the underused perks and show how they can be awesome. Great channel man. I can't believe I've used a Warlock for so long and never appreciated this perk!

Ran this build on a was tough convincing sunsingers to ditch fire born but oh my god. What an experience

Nice!! Song of flame is really nice to use especially if your looking to have fun in those vanguard strikes lol great suggestion Danny!

More people need to see this. It is a shame the community is garbage and doesn't understand perk/class synergy

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