Pennywise Sings a Song (Stephen King’s ‘It’ Parody)

Hey Geogie ,want a ballon?? its the don a ron haha!!! im penny wise the dancing clown now we both know who, is who so were cool Yeah Georgie were cool:) I know you really want your BOAT, so won’t you take go on take it!! Just reach and grab it, i can’t wait to bite on YOU!!! Hungers overdue Let’s Make a Human Stew with all your friends in to?!! Wonder Why so many Kids of Derry Go Missing Its cus im feasting and no ones listening Now you’re the last of the Family seed Brothers BLOOD Runs Under the street i wonder if billy knows anything about me but I’m not Just hunting you Billy all Children look yummy in Derry I am the ultimate evil Lurk in sewers like A RAT!! So tell me im a kitty at RAH wheres all the kiddies at Yeah wheres all the kiddies at Yeah wheres all the kiddies at wheres all the kiddies at I’ll take on any form i want if it will scare you So Does This scare You real enough for You the more Fear the more flavor scares salten the meat I can pop UP anytime and at Place so when You Feel safe That’s when you Should Escape Run Little Kiddies Run Go tell your Parents They won’t believe you no one BELIEVES YOU Now your the last of the FAMILY SEED Brothers BLOOD runs under the street i wonder if Billy knows Anything about me but I’m not Just hunting you BILLY, all children look yummy in derry evil like in the sewers like a Rat so tell me weres al the KIDDIES AT (Um Hope you liked the subtitles i made lol) I’m Just here to make some friends So I CAN put all these friends in my stew Now Just Here to make some friends so i can Put all of These friends in my steww Ha ha i’m done with Playing Games I’m Hungry and insane whos up next For me to take Aim I’m done with Playing Games I’m Hungry and insane oh? I wonder if Billy knows anyThing about me but I’m not Just Hunting you billy all Children look Yummy and Derry i am The ultimate evil like in the sewers like a Rat so tell me where’s our Kiddies at RAHHH Now were’s all the kiddies at so tell me wheres all the kiddies at:) hope you enjoyed this LOL:) Ninja Style for My counter Nunchucks Chillin What my Hangers Black Clothes for the win the weapon Black Hole This fall When i sell enough of the stuff is shit Jeff I’m in your line and i think Equipment on the last i stand Any fuck teachers you won’t see a common Key you get hit i feel you but Just this Big Badass Up homerun ,you give enough Run home Go Cry to your mama and tell us you’ve Just Been scooped By a Ninja


Me:Oh i am scared of wood
Pennywise: Becoming Wood
Me:Haha! I got a axe
Me:Everyone say rest in hell pennywise R.I.P PENNYWISE 2019 BYE BYE MY WORST UGLY FRIEND!

Pennywise: would you like your boat back?

Me: No, do you want me to kill you?

Pennywise: You can’t kill me, can you?

Me: Hell ya I can.

Pennywise: hi ya Georgie
Georgie:who are you
Pennywise:i am pennywise the dancing clown
Georgie:🤣🤣🤣🤣 are you a rat in the sewer
Pennywise:☹️☹️☹️ no I am wearing gucci are u
Georgie:😑😑😑 I'm not even in the sewers stoopied
Pennywise:😦 uh

after 2 years I again return to this beautiful song , has grown up (as losers😊).
Now IT starts in a few days and I finally enjoy the long-awaited film .

Henry: Finds Pocket Knife ( It’s a special one that you press a button to close and open)
Henry:goes to dad and opens it
Knife: Takes 10 Minutes to open quarter of it fully
Henry: I’ll shut it ugh
Knife: Takes 10 minutes again to shut it😂😂

Me: *waiting for my cousin outside*
Also me: *sees sewer drain open*
Me again: *goes over and shuts it*
Still me: *runs the opposite way*

Edit: true story

Georgie had a boaat but he dropped it down the sewweerrrr the pennywise came up to him and was like do you want your boat bAaAaAaCCCCKKK then he grabbed his arm and he was like dont touch MMMEEEEEEEEEE

Me:Behind you.
Pennywise:Okay thanks.*Looks back*
Me:GET HERE!!! Holding a vacuum chasing him
Pennywise:AHHHHHHHH!!!!PLEASE I'M SORRY!!!*Running like a little girl*

oof, I told my mother that Iron Man is better than Pennwise, even if he isn't, so that she thinks that I don't watch IT anymore XD

It the first one is based in the 80s and so is stranger things so imagine a crossover between the two and penny wise could be from the upside down

At 3:41 to the left, the Pennywise from the 1990's film is there! (When Pennywise comes running forward)

And at 3:33 to the left, in the corner

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