Panda on ‘The Masked Singer’ Clues and Guesses 10/2/2019

Fox  Last week was the season 2 premiere of The Masked Singer and tonight aired episode 3, as last week featured two back-to-back episodes Ahead of the premiere, host Nick Cannon taked about the show in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter He said that “Internationally, I think people were taking huge chances on shows like this But in America, we got stuck with the pretty mundane, run-of-the-mill singing competition shows The fact that this one had some spectacular and zany component, it was actually able to really break through ”  Masked Singer judge Ken Jeong also gushed about the show’s success, telling Parade, “It’s the format The Masked Singer is four gameshows rolled into one. It’s part American Idol, part The Voice, part Dancing With the Stars, and a little big vintage What’s My Line The format is the star.” Week 2 of The Masked Singer airs tonight, with just four celebrities disguised as characters and one of them is the Panda Get a rundown on the clues and guesses so far for this contender, as well as the spoilers on Panda’s identity, as she was unmasked on episode 3 “The Masked Singer” Panda Clues  ‌  When it comes to the character Panda, the singer is “positive” they have the energy to go all the way to “sweet” victory, as they said on the sneak preview episode TV Line reported that the Panda also talked about the way they “prepare bamboo”.  For her clues package on episode 3, she said that her dad is a major influence and she said she comes from “the greatest” family She said this competition is no “match” for her and that she’s taking a page out of her dad’s book to create her own legacy  Panda told the judges that she is “lovable but fierce”. “The Masked Singer” Panda Guesses  ‌  Our top guess was Mohammad Ali’s daughter, Laila Ali and judge Robin Thicke echoed this prior to the performance But, Thicke said his guess was “a joke”. Meanwhile, Ken Jeong was insisting that the Panda had to be Queen Latifah  Mohammad Ali was known as “the greatest” boxer and Laila was also a boxer. In boxing, there are “matches”, which would also go along with her clues Nicole Scherzinger went with one of the tennis-playing Williams sisters, but we were confident it was Laila Ali  It was clear Panda wasn’t a professional singer, but she did a good job. Laila Ali Is the Panda Panda performed against Flamingo for her first battle, but the Flamingo won, which meant that Panda had to face off against the Leopard, who lost to the Black Widow Spider For her second song, she sang “All I Do Is Win”, which is definitely emblematic of her father’s boxing career and her own  Leopard ultimately was the winner, which meant that Panda was going to be unmasked  So, who was the Panda? Laila Ali! When talking about her experience on the show, she said that it’s been humbling and definitely memorable, as she is usually shy She also said she isn’t used to losing, as she is an “undefeated” boxer.”

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