Paano mag Whistle Tone? (How to do whistle tone?) with English subtitles

How to do Whistle tone? Can you do whistle tone? just like other famous singers? What are the right ways to do whistle one? That is what we’re going to talk about and our lesson for today Whistle tone is the next vocal registration of Falsetto and Head voice It is a vocal extension that can hit notes higher than head voice or falsetto whistle tone is higher and thinner quality of sound compared to normal quality produced by head voice which is strong and clearer Whistle tone is often sound similar to bird or an instrument maybe because of it’s qualities? (Maybe? not sure?) I’m going to show you video clips of voice sessions with my student Nher on how she attacks whistle tone and how I taught her how to sing whistle tone I hope you learn something from these video clips Can you make it?… (showing the mouth opening)… open it a little? (the mouth) Not too much… Don’t put too much tension here (jaw) Just keep it wider (jaw) okay? can you try that? (pangarap…) that’s it! See? keep the wider mouth position that’s it! No no no no.. while you releasing it, which part inside your mouth can you feel it? sense it… Nher: here… upper part Coach Pete: upper? (poke) here? (hard palate) not in your soft palate? (poke) soft palate… place it inner, inside your soft palate (pangarap) that’s it! that’s it! make it thinner… (poke) Nher: I can feel it innermost Coach Pete: make it thinner on that area so you can hit this… and… See? Isn’t it easy? you’re just like whistling… do you know how to whistle? (literally) Nher: Hmm… Yes Coach Pete: (whistling) try reversing it… imagine your lips is there inside make it thinner… in that area okay… (panga…) (poke) (poke) inside… there inside… in the innermost part… there there Did you get it? okay… can we try the line? alright, no wait… let’s try once more… from pangarap…. there just a little more… a little more… to hit right away and… open the mouth… don’t hold back no Nher… your tongue is like… don’t stick it out… just relax just like “ka”… if you find it hard with “ko” and… is it okay? If “oh” position is hard, make it “ah” still there’s scoop avoid that scooping and… good! did you get it? the next line… squeeze it more… coz those lines are lower squeeze it… don’t drop it because, tone are staying inside you should let your tones come out… okay? once more… and… Very good! Isn’t it easy? Nher: No, it’s not… (laughing) Nher singing the Filipino song “Pangarap ko ang ibigin ka” with whistle tone Just avoid the scooping… What is scooping? Nher: It’s a… uhm… note going up (hitting unnecessary notes, before hitting right note) Coach Pete: right? Nher: yes Nher: singing the same song “Pangarap ko ang ibigin ka” with whistle tone Very good! no.. do don’t don’t… don’t….. make it like… not wide… much tighter ah… that’s it! no no no… it’s not “ha” “ah” make your “ah” like thinner… instead of wider “ah” it’s like combined with “o” position pull it up… and… that’s it do it again… once more beautiful… beautiful… Nher: why can’t I do it? (laughing) no.. because your “ah” position wide… doesn’t have full support that’s the reason you can’t do it… but once… imagine nher… this “ah” (spread)… instead of “ah” (thinner) when you’re doing this (tight)… it has more support and your sound will go straight up remember I told you if you are going to whistle (literally) you pout you lips like this… It’s just the same inside… you narrow the line instead of wider line okay… try… and.. that’s it! nher: why? okay… ah… uhm… imagine… inside your throat imagine here’s your throat… okay? here… is the tissue inside your throat imagine there’s a straw and in that small hole is where you make the sound… going up in that small hole imagine… inside your throat see? now concentrate… imagine the small hole… just right the… single line going up… and… imagine Nher…. because if you don’t imagine… you’ll just attack you have to focus… where to attack it? where to start creating the sound? okay… so smaller hole is needed… smaller straw direct to your head…. and now… point.. right? Nher: singing Filipino song “Akin ka na lang” with whistle tone what exercises can you try for whistle tone Here are some exercises for whistle tone that you can practice so you can improve how to attack whistle tone Nher… have you ever heard crying puppy? Nher: yes how? that’s it! can you do it again? that’s it! just like crying cat… I mean dog… try a little higher… higher… go on…. higher can you feel how you pull it up? okay… once more… do it again good! do it again okay, can you try higher? and…. In Lip Roll go on…. try it okay… with a note and higher alright… that was correct… and again now higher… good… a little higher that’s it!… do that again.. and.. see? did you feel that? it started from upper palate? Nher: that’s what I always do Coach Pete: That’s right, do it often to be more familiar with the right position while doing whistle tone now try it more… higher.. good… once again… and.. can you still make it higher? and… just try… see? you can still do it while rolling your lips and touching or connecting inside keep connecting or keep resonating the sound to your head do you know how to resonate? okay, so… one last and… okay, very good!…. so those are exercises that you can do for whistle tone That’s our lesson for today about whistle tone If you learned some tips and new knowledge about singing please like this video and if you have suggestions or comments or topics that you want to discuss or you want to learn about singing just right it on comment section below I’m going to upload more vlogs about proper ways of singing To all professional singers amateur singers, karaoke singers, frustrated singers… and to all the people who loves to sing but claiming that songs doesn’t like them and if you want to learn proper ways of singing, watch out for the next vlogs I’m going to upload


More videos please, more exercises.. Para masubukan din nmin.. Nice videos. Very informative.. Kudos teacher and the singer

Pwede po ba mag karoon ng whistle kahit lalaki sir kasi nakaka whistle ako nang grade 8 ngayun din na po pwede pa po ba maibik yun I need your help po😇

Bali 16 years old na po ako ngayun grade 10 na po noong grade 8 ko pa po kasi yun eh pero honestly po minsan nakaka whistle ako pag bagong gising o di ako nasasalita nakaka whistle din pero nag kakacrack po sya. ☺

nakakapag whistle po ako sir pero hindi ko po malaman kung anong note yung na hi-hit ko yung highest range nanahit ko po if im not mistaken sabi daw ng music teacher ko hangang Bb7 hahah unexpectedly wala po akong nalaman dun

Hello po sir. May video po ako sa channel ko. Sort of little covers lang naman po. May whistle notes po akong nagagawa 'dun , paki check po if anong note po 'yong na hihit ko? 😄

Pwde Pa bang tumaas ang boses ng lalaki dipa kasi ako nakasubok na mag voice lesson ano ba yung Harmony at tinor ano ba ang tawag sa lalaki mataas ang boses, ser,,,

Very nice 👌🏻👌🏻
Sir but plz give a technice for whistle voice .. how we can fix it .. sir tell what a breath technice in whistle voice ..

Kung gusto mo matutunan ang whistle tone dapat nasa rest ang voice mo and also number 1 exercise talaga hndi namn agad agad mo yan matututunan sa isang araw oh buwan .. Konting tips sa mga gustong matuto try nyo mag vocal fry from low to high ng "wow" word 😉 if you dont know how to do vocal fry search nyo lang

Nalilito po ako kasi painhale ang nagagawa ko kaya di laging maayos pakinggan, di tulad ng nagagawa ko nung bata pa ako. Pano po ba magawa yung tama?

Mapagpalang araw po bkt po gnun nhihirapan aqng kumanta pag naka mike pero pag ndi nmn ngagawa q nman pong kumanta ng maayos paano po ba ang technik sa pag gamit ng mike (jr siwa for nueva ecija) Godbless and more power

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