Our Future: James Singer for U.S. Senate Campaign Launch

Now it may appear to be an upward battle, especially here in Utah. And I know there are allies and friends who in their minds have already accepted defeat in the 2018 election. Smart, motivated people. I am tired of the defeatist attitude of my
allies, that tell me our struggle is worthy, but worthless. We share too much in common with our supposed enemies to not be able to make them our friends. I am tired of waiting for change. I am tired of hearing and seeing people persecuted for the people they love, or the way that they feel. I am tired of hearing about a few rich men changing rules and laws so they can tear into Mother Earth and leave her for dead, and revel in the profits. I’m tired of a politics that keeps the common person out. I’m tired of political family dynasties, and a politics that’s full of vitriol and fear and hate I’m tired about hearing of the criminalization of black bodies, and brown bodies, and red bodies. Of hearing about the epidemic of murdered
and missing indigenous women. Of seeing poverty when we have the means to eliminate it. I’m tired of hearing that greed rules over
charity, that selfishness overtakes compassion, that love is subject to hate, and fear kills hope. I’m tired of people in power not giving
a damn. (applause) We wait no longer. The judgement is here, and it’s here at the ballot box. It’s the marches in the street, it’s the
rallies for change, it’s the organizing in apartments and in schools. If the ears do not hear, then we will find ears
that will. (applause) If there is one thing I’ve learned
as a student of sociology, it’s that a change cannot come by one person alone. I will not be able to move mountains, or change the hearts and minds of people. I will not be able to create a society that
values human life. That only comes with you, together. The power comes from our ability to unite, to work together everyday. To fight together for the changes, to cry together, to laugh together, to suffer together, and to rejoice together. Our nation is only as strong as the strength
of unity we can forge together. So therefore, our campaign cannot solely be
a political campaign. It must depart from the business as usual. Instead, this campaign is a social one. It’s a social campaign, to transform lives, to build communities, and lay the foundations for the tomorrow that we want to see. Our message is simple. Our rallying cry is strong. We want equality and prosperity for all Utahns and all Americans.

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