ONEUS (원어스) – ‘LIT’ (가자) Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]


Ok so the star of the song reminds me of two things:
Nicki's song Chun li when you hear the first instrument play

And of course Zaty's never late to any colour coded lyrics. All the love to you Zaty!

It's my First time listening ONEUS .

my wig just flew away~~

Thanks Zaty for uploading different Kpop songs .
I'm literally inside the kpop hole nowadays .

The music vibe is awesome…
They know how to play with their vocals…..😁😁😁😁
And I love your fonts and pictures💗💗💗

Lovely video! I just wanted to point out that 2:58 is most likely Leedo, seeing as not only does it sound just like him but when he's rapping you can hear the same thing being said in the background here at 0:41.

Anyways, you have probably the most accurate video I've seen thus far, so thank you! 🙂

This song is similar to Idol by BTS in the sense of using traditional Korean instruments, references, and music so most of the chants don't have a specific meaning, they're simply references to Korean culture or history:

0:30– 전 우치/Jeon Woo Chi (a full name), Jeon Woo Chi was a Taoist scholar and known as a "sorcerer" or trickster, so Leedo is saying that with the spirit of a trickster, he can't do anything wrong

0:45 늴리리야 (Nuilliliya) is a traditional Korean folk song, with no known meaning, probably just a vocalization of the notes

웅헤야 (Ongheya) is a traditional folk song as well, used for various reasons, mostly to mark time. However, in Dionysus by BTS it means "drink up" so it mostly depends on the context.

얼쑤 (Eolssu) is a Korean cheer traditionally meant as encouragement, also meaning "hooray" or "awesome" (also used in the chorus of Idol)

2:35 지화자 (Jihwaja) is a shout to mark time in traditional Korean singing or dancing (once again, used in Idol)

2:48 어기어차 (Eogieocha)is a Korean chant with no particular meaning

3:04 강강수월래 (Gangkang Suwollae) was a Korean dance used a while ago, thought to bring a harvest, and is now a cultural symbol for Korea

I hope this helps! The chanting was confusing so I decided to research lol. I do NOT in any way mean Oneus is copying BTS- they're both just using traditional Korean words.

This song played as an ad when I was watching random vids then when I heard the start I fell inlove and decided to watch the whole ad😐

I did not regret

I really hope people dont start saying that they "copied" BTS's concept from idol or some mess
Even though i dont stan that much i have much respect for this group and their modern twist on Traditional Korean Culture and the Hanbok( including that shouts , the way they verse and sing their lyrics and that "Eolssu! Eolssu!" including the traditional sounds of Korean music) it so cool to see other (and more) groups embracing their culture and the way they interpret that culture into their music is amazing. And plus this songs a muthafriggin bop so like yea..
I wish good wealth prosperity and health on Oneus and their fans…
May yall have a blessed day💖💖💖✊✨✨

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