Official Trailer | Season 1 | THE MASKED SINGER

[music playing] ANNOUNCER: Coming
soon, a top-secret celebrity singing competition
will have everyone asking, who– There’s something
incredibly special about you. ANNOUNCER: –is– You’ve got me thrown off. ANNOUNCER: –the masked singer? I am so fricking
confused right now. I don’t know who I am. ANNOUNCER: The international
music sensation comes to Fox. Under these masks we have
Grammy winners, Emmy winners, and Hall of Fame players. ANNOUNCER: A weekly
competition that will have audiences and our
celebrity panel guessing. You look very dashing for
someone in a straightjacket. [MUSIC PLAYING – “CALIFORNIA
DREAMIN'”] All the leaves are
brown and the sky is grey. I feel like I know that voice. California dreamin’
on such a winter’s day. You go, girl! [music playing – “stay with me”] Oh, won’t you stay with
me, ‘cuz you’re all I need. I want to date you. I love you so much. NICK CANNON: I have no idea
who any of the singers are. [music playing] Who is that? Who is that? NICK CANNON: Some of
them may be friends. Some of them I may have married. You never know. ANNOUNCER: This season,
everyone will be asking who’s– Bella Hadid. P. Diddy. Paula Abdul. ANNOUNCER: –behind– My heart is pumping
out of my chest. ANNOUNCER: –the mask? Oh, no! Who is that? Oh, my god! ANNOUNCER: “The Masked
Singer,” coming soon to Fox. Who is that?


Peacock – Donny Osmond
Monster – T Pain
Lion – Rumer Willis
Rabbit – Joey Fatone
Deer – Terry Bradshaw
Unicorn – Tori Spelling
Bee – Gladys Knight
Raven – Ricki Lake
Poodle – Margaret Cho
Alien – LaToya Jackson

I just love how is America is so into Korea these days that just doing remakes of stuff next thing you know Hollywood will make a remake of train to busan

It doesn't seem like they get the real purpose of the show. It's not to guess who the singer is but for artists to perform without the burden, judgment, or expectations placed on them when the audience knows who's singing. It could be an opportunity for breakout stars to be discovered based on pure talent not visuals, or for older artists to prove their ability again.

Omg its really different from korea's one😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 such a huuuuuuge program!!!!! Its not a just tv show its like a musical🤣🤣🤣🤣

Y’all love to copy Koreans because you know just how much Americans suck when it comes to tv shows and movies. I’m American too and it makes me quite sad

It’s so cool to think that we’re kinda exchanging certain cultures and ideas with Korea. US music had a big influence on them and now Korean music (and many other aspects) is having a big effect on us. I hope that his will happen globally (I know it already is, but it’s not as huge and drastic).

The White Rabbit is 💯 Criss Angel!!! He was rushed to a hospital while doing a straight jacket trick. He just closed mind freak live in Las Vegas and he is always surrounded by white rabbits!!! Also, his show, believe had something to do with going down the rabbit hole. There was a tell all about him called by the same name. On stage, he is never alone. Also, he sang with Korn as his band for his mind freak DVDs. I have them. Look him up singing on here. My favorite song of his is 'Fear'. Look him up and see what I'm talking about. His voice is awesome and he is very theatrical!! 💯 proof!!!

I love how everyone ignores the blatant Satanism of these costumes. The fact that this is somehow supposed to be "normal" is sickening. Do 5 minutes of research on this shit before you let yourself or your friends watch. All under the guise of friendly entertainment. How charming.

I feel like a korean singer or actor should be a special guest in this show as a masked singer because Ryan Reynolds did it in Korea's original series

Truly, I look forward watching it as a fan. Wish this show hits the U.S market promptly. =) Congratulations from Republic of Korea. =)

Everybody is talking about the Korean one. Yes, the show is originally from Korea but the fancy costumes, the stage, and the font are probably inspired by the Thai one. The lesser-known Thai version is called The Mask Singer, check it out and you will see my point.

I think the Rabbit doesn’t win because he is taking his mask off at 1:35 and it doesn’t look like he just won or something

First of all "The masked singer" is made by South korea (Republic of korea) TV show producer!!! all of the people in the least , people now watching this show on the youtube know that ????자랑스런 한국의 예능 포맷이 미국에서 이리도 흥하고 세계인들이 영상을 보며 추측하는 댓글들을 보니 너무 뿌듯하다[email protected]@@ 이 댓글 보는 한국인들 모두 좋아요 눌러서 이런 신박한 포맷의 프로그램의 아이디어가 한국이 원조라는걸 세계인에게 알려줍시다!!!!(제 영어가 중딩수준이라.. 혹시 제가 전달코자하는 뜻을 올바른 영어로 수정해주시는 댓글 있으면 달아주시면 감사하겠습니다)

Of all the singing show from Asia, specifically south korea, I can't believe this is the one that got to the US first. I've been waiting for western countries to finally adopt I am a Singer. I mean come on, this is just a singing game show, not a competition. I don't know why they wouldn't do I am a Singer, it's most definitely going to be great. Most people would probably enjoy comparing the seasoned singers from the other, but mostly I like it because they do cover songs seriously, and always pushing themselves because it's a competition.

This fall on fox 'Naked member, Masked face' see if you guess who's celebrity face is behind that Penis! Asian guy says "His penis is playing with my mind"!

Too bad they got all washed up old people and B list celebrities. The most relevant person in the show was T-Pain lol.

It really should be a competition for people like American idol or agt but with the costumes it would in my opinion be so much better lol

I mean they won’t going to show off smth like dancing so it’s fine to wear such costumes, while korean version usually show their dances to confuse the judges and viewers whether they’re idols or na so both are completely in their own elements

Perfect a good music program will be in its version in my Mexico thanks to televisa
Quien es la Mascara?

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