NY Lawmaker calls on de Blasio to quit his 2020 campaign, resign as Mayor


I think mike lipetri New York Assemblyman secretly misses his daddy De Blasio. Today's politics are a joke at plain sight

I’m pretty sure most presidential candidates have at least more than one person show up to their rallies, after all they are highly respected people.

De Blasio: Hold my beer.

Blasio is the biggest crook in NY history beside Dinkinson who is a dumbass. Blasio changed his name twice !! How crooked he is …and his wife was below dinkinson at the time. That’s how he got all the political resources!

De Blasio the first night he was mayor went out for pizza and ate it with a fork and knife do I need to say anything else ?🤡🌎

Dont care about NYC. Dont care about DeBlasio, AOC, Shumer, Nadler, etc. NY idiots constantly vote these idiots in. Its the fault of the NY populace and NY populace alone. Its YOUR fault residents. Half of these people calling for his or other resignations now probably supported him. Now they regret it like they do every time. Thats just too bad. Let Deblasio finish that city off.

The world is calling on all republicans to give up any seats of power they have due to their treasonous actions and overt racism.

Sounds just like Trump with his executive time and his hour or two of real work a day I don't see a problem here except for the hypocrisy

If de bla bla and his wife are Dumb they sure got AWAY with robbing you all in front of rest of the country and World for 850 million dollars? Hmmm i think I would be little bit mad..why are you not..?

I don't blame any inept politician. I blame the stupid, ignorant and gullible voters that elect them. There used to be a time when people did their homework on a candidate. Now they make their decisions from what they hear on CNN, MSNBC & FOX. People forget those media networks are businesses and they will say or do anything to get viewers.

I don't like De Blasio, but I also don't like people who are so overwhelmingly pleased with themselves, like this Lipetri guy.

Politics as a whole is bs. People who still think this crap is real have no clue. Money is the only politics that runs the world. This Joe schmo running his mouth just sounds like his own personal rant.

If he don't care about his officers what makes people who voted for him think he'll care about the American people????

DeBlasio is emblematical of the both the greedy white collar criminal and the brain dead citizen of NYC. Nothing but degenerates.

DeBlasio is a terrible mayor! He stands against everything that our country and constitution stand for. This guys ruined New York . Him and AOC both are a bunch of socialists. Atleast AOC is an idiot and doesn't know any better…DeBlasio is a slimy politician and know exactly what he is doing.

Hello, Humans.
“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them.”
-Tony Robbins


The S.O.B. is a COMMUNIST…😡😡😡
The man is traitor..😠😠
Treason is in his genes..
In his blood..😠😠
And in his mind..👺👺👺

the city that destroys the state it is named after, should be over joyed this asshat only works 6 hours a month. i took off his paid lunch hour…

republican assemblyman mike liperti is the one who should resign,,he is like the rest of the republicans who want to stop democrats from helping the middle class and the poor by getting medicare for all,the republicans will do what ever they can,to makes sure the democrat cant help the american people.their only agenda is to protect the billionaires to get more donor money.

He will only quit when his campaign contributions reach the level he needs for future endeavors. Politics are just another criminal activity …. nothing special/nothing new.

What, expecting Democrats to show up to do their job of representing the people and actually earning their government paycheck, WHAT a strange ideal.

Mike Lipetri was worthless before he took office. He's worthless now, and after this stunt he's proven that he will continue to be worthless. Lipetri lurks in the sidelines like a banished ferret, darting in and out of hiding waiting for a crumb to fall.

No President in US history has abused the leniency of White House policy regarding re-election campaigns more than Trump.
Trump has overindulged and overspent on his rallies and the taxpayers are paying for his re-election campaign. When twitter, foxnews, or his army of paid trump trolls in youtube are not enough to lift his spirits from an often battered and overly sensitive ego, the liar-in-chief orders a rally so he can spend a day with his cheerleaders who's crowd is getting smaller and smaller each time. TAXPAYERS SHOULD NOT BE PAYING FOR TRUMP RALLIES.

The best mayor NYC ever had is not going anywhere. GO ! GO ! GO! DE BLASIO.
NYC, The greatest city in the world will always be a SANCTUARY CITY, and will always give TRump the finger.

Really? Trump has been campaigning and playing golf since he took office. Hypocrites to the core at Faux news. Remember them complaining about Obama playing golf? Of course you don't because that would mean you hold everybody to the same standards. Republicans "do as I say not as I do."

Disgusted with the fall of TRump news network. Need to give it up. I liked what one Journalist pointed out that most the persons claiming to be Journalist have not even gone to college for it. What amazes me is just cause you put someone in front of a camera and give them a mic they actually thing that makes them a real reporter… Nope it makes you an imposter. The few who may have some education in the actual field of journalism are very cool. The guy who made it clear y'all dont work for him was brilliant and perfectly on point. That is reporting having your opinion but not exploiting it, reporting both good and bad on everyone. That is a reporter or journalist. Satire should be just that. News should be news. And crimes should not be encouraged on a media level. I fear that once Trump is ousted which is showing signs daily, i hope that your network can regain some standing in the world. You guys do a great job with your actual shows.. but news you seem to be getting caught up in something i fear will crumble Fox.

Another update … a cook in Chicago has requested that trump stop his 2020:presidential campaign … than you tronald for your cooperation in this matter 👍

Being the mayor of the NYC sounds like it would be a full-time gig with plenty of overtime, nobody holding that office should be allowed to run a campaign for presidency simultaneously. One or the other!

Even the radical liberals I know in Brooklyn hates de Blasio. Just like Kamala, they all hated by the local liberals but rebranding for the presidency.

What job? He does nothing but fire cops for doing their job. Oh yeah he is the nutritionist for NYC. He didn’t effectively answer any of Hannitys questions when interviewed. WANTED. Short plain person with an education to run the biggest economic engine in the world. MUST HAVE experience and references. Must pass drug test and have drivers license. Ivy League grads need not apply.

If you stand for Office and you already are an elected official, you should name a substitute which will get your pay during your absence. If you loose your campaign you go back to your old job and give all that you can for the time off you had.

He doesn't have a snowballs chance in Hell so get back to work Bill. Get crackin' on those dangerous street peddlers selling single cigarettes.

Why would he give up his family get to travel to all different places on campaign funds. His boy first paid political job fresh out of college. He will be into it to the end

Everyone Call and complain about the mayor. He is a disgrace
Mayor Bill de Blasio
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
PHONE 311 or 212-NEW-YORK

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