Okay I actually did smile the whole time. Guys I think the character this bitch plays is the human embodiment of cringe

Boy, shut the f**k up you stupid scum. Don’t try to compare punk-legends to your crap on capitalism based society!

Stop trying to steal other comedians shit and portray it as your own. Glick wasn't that funny, but at least it was original. You fucking suck. Nothing about this video was worth the time of NOFX or MYSELF for watching it. Zero point zero.

its meant to be funny because its unfunny. she literally plays the character of someone who thinks her jokes are funny when they arent. thats why she is the only one laughing at every one of her jokes

If this is satire it’s the driest lames satire I’ve ever seen. This is like a shittier version of between two ferns and even that show is shit. Worst interviewer ever, not even satirically or awkwardly funny, just awkward and painful to listen to. Like nails on a chalkboard

This is purely for all the simpletons and rubes who think this is satire: The dead giveaway that this is absolutely NOT satire is how monumentally lame it is. Satire simply isn't lame.

If she had a business suit, glasses, and a sharp, pointy nose, and one of those stereotypical snooty voices, I think this would work better.

she is the anti-funny…. And yes.. people get that it's supposed to be satire, just saying something is satire doesn't make it good..

I hella fucking laughed at Mels response to his name. These guys are funny and a talented band in my opinion. And Smellys reaction was classic a well put.

If only NoFX weren't media whores they would be about 10 times cooler. The reality show, the Carson daily show, the music videos…back in the 90s they were all DIY and anti MTV and shit now they plaster their faces wherever they can. Its lame.

However, I still rock their albums. So I guess I'm lame too.

Anyway I just…
This is insane!!
Makes me so stabby…
fuck off and die motherfucking bitch🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

He hasnt done heroine in like 20 years. He's got his shit together. He's an excellent drummer. 😂😂😂😂😂

This was supposed to be funny? Apparently funny nowadays is being an ignorant jerk with no shame. Not my brand of humor.

What a dumb bitch she gets famous from this are you for real. Why did nofx even go on that bullshit show

uhhh… yeah they make fun of themselves alot, i wish you guys would do another backstage passport, we need a 3!!!! lol

The only people who are mad that didnt think this was funny are angry little crust punks. I've listened to nofx since I was a kid and laughed pretty hard at this. Learn to take a joke.

Drugs are good is actually a really good song. A kid caught me listening to it on the bus 🤣

I would be like bitch shut your red head up before I slap your fucking stupid fucking self to the Great Wall of china

why hasn't there been a Nofx Musical on Broadway… See what you Started… Home Street Home https://youtu.be/r7PT26QZhLI

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