this is my all time favourit from gwen. its a mixture of reaggay, bras and aggressive rock sounds. and of course the great voice of gwen on sunday mornin' … 😛

God Gwen used to be Solomon beautiful and cool, while.still physically beautiful all her newer self stuff since she became lame and her L.A.M.B. and bananas and holla back girl stuff she lost a lot her appeal. She did an interview and said if Kurt Cobain didn't off himself maybe there wouldn't be so much shitty music. And to think a few short years later she would be a part of sooo much shit music.

I can'y believe she fell that idiot from Bush…..then he cheated on her with the nanny or some shit right? What a fukin doucher!!!

No doubt Sunday morning. They didn't like my spaghetti it was just can tomato and noodles I never cooked before just baked. He like liked with pepper.

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I just visited this liquor store in 2019 and it’s so ghetto and run down I don’t think same owners it was a Hispanic family. And there was 2 houses next door I couldn’t figure out which house but they were both horrible and run down.

Back then in the 90s when I was a teen I thought Gwen looked much older than her age, but now, 20 years later i think she looks much younger that she is, as if she'd never aged!

Гвен самая красивая девушка мировой эстрады. Лет 18 назвд купил билет на их концерт в москве, но они отмениди выстцпление, и выступили Гуано Эйпс. – обожаю, Гвен и Сандра самые любимые в юности исполнители!

Son unos adelantados a su epoca, hoy serian la mejor banda del momento y quien podría detenerlos? El estilo 50´s la imagen de la mujer y el estilo de musica que no pasa jamas de tiempo. Son excelentes, una pena que son solo eso, un recuerdo. Seria genial verlos tocar otra ves o que aparezcan mas bandas como esta.

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