Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Official Music Video)


A primeira batida só consigo me lembrar do Júnior groovador com essa música versão forró no baixo e a dancinha KKKKKKKK o cara tocou com o jack black no rock rio aaaaa

Judging by the views and the listeners on spotify to this music I think that rock and metal may be making a big come back onto the mainstream

I live 6200 miles away from the states and I traveled all the way to Seattle just to stand on the ground Nirvana might possibly stood.

Cundo me iba a trabajar el Lunes a Bedia, al lado de Bilbo con el camión. me decía mi padre que había sido camionero pero madrre mia pero padre mia el del camión,

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almost 1 billion … please share to your friend and people who like nirvana, watch everyday… guns n roses is going to the second 1b views video with sweet child o mine… >:(

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