Nightcore – Let me down slowly (Lyrics)

This video includes lyrics on the screen


One day I was walking in the street and saw a homeless person in the ground, i helped him with some money and after a while I saw him heading for a another homeless

They shared the money together

I asked him why he did it

he said " Leave something for someone but dont leave someone for something "

exactly what we should learn in this heartless world ♥

Cet chanson me fait pleurer 😢 mais elle me fait des sensations de ne jamais baisser Les bras m’écris pour cet musique nigthcore

Tokyo Ghoul made me cry like a bitch. Especially when Hide 'died' (sorry if 'im spoiling anything for anyone who hasn't finished it)

Roses are red the love of the heart is love the love of two people blood will always stay together and never leave each other and that why it is red and that why the heart and love is red😭😭😭😢😥

I love Tokyo Ghoul. But when my sister watched this she said "They spoiled us…" she was literally dissapointed but I wasn't. So I just said "Oh, yeah they spoiled us…" HAHHAHA but i still love tokyo ghoul its so pretty. When me and my sister saw Kaneki-kun naked… "AHHHHHH… HELP!!!" hahahaha

Idk who did the polish translation but it's sooo beautiful. I mean, it's not just simple translation, it's full of emotions, i feel this pain while reading it. Whoever did it: you're very talented.

كيف بتعمل هيك يعني كيف تخلي يطلع الاغنيه مترجمه كتابتا اذا اكو برنامج اعطيني صورته مع اسمه

I dont want u 2 be down even if its cold to the kitchen I'm your light through the dark!! 😘✨ I don't wanna leave ya pal ;-;

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