Nightcore – Legends Never Die (Lyrics)

This video includes lyrics on the screen


I LOVE GOBLIN SLAYER, ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ANIMES! Oh my, the thumbnail is the priest girl with the powers, the anime was really good. This nightcore is so cool and beautiful, I love it so much!! Thank you for this, Eiden! Awesome as always 😄🖤

I was reding the titel and was like : "Oh is that that cool song? And now Eiden makes a Video of it I pet it will be awesome" ❤
And damn I miss Goblin Slayer

Almost love this again and again love u more for this Both things here are legend the anime and the music ah damn wait and you like all nightocores maker!!❤❤❤

Legends like you


Promise us that you'll never stop making awesome videos and nightcores like this

Salut! I would like to know why the video on the song '' take me aways has been deleted.😭 (Car je l'adorais,et j'espère que tu l'a remettra en ligne car je kiff vraiment cette musique 😍
Thank you for answering me😘😘

Love it 🥰❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

Also you are a legend and your songs will give forever in my heart and to others😁😊

Eiden Senpai I love the anime and I live love this nightcore this song is one of my favourites.
This nightcore is going to be legend it will never die.

Let’s play a game, reader

Boys try to make the comment section and like button odd

Girl try to make the comment section and like button even

Everyone can play 🤗

man I got to say the video is so perfect goblin slayer was a great manga to chose and I love how you replaced the text in the boxes with the lyrics.

If you love a creepypasta like this comment…also ticci toby is mine if you touch him you will DIE HEHEHEHE…you will not look at him he is mine

Edein: Legends Only Die When We Forget Them 💙

Me: Oh Yeah, Edein Is A Legend, And He Is Never Forgotten By Nighhtcore Fans

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