Nicole Scherzinger on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 & What Her Costume Would be! | In Studio

– Hello, it’s Nicole Scherzinger here, and I am in studio with
The Hollywood Reporter. – All right, here we are,
season two of The Masked Singer. It’s so exciting. – We’re doing it. – Okay so, so far, because we’ve had a couple of episodes now. – We’re back. – You’re back. – Thank you to everybody
who watches and supports. – How have your guesses been so far? How are you doing? – I’m doing better this year. I’m doing better this year. I think now that I’ve got my sea legs, we’ve got a point of reference, we’re all doing better. It’s gotten a lot more competitive. Ken somehow is getting a little worse. But yeah, I’m picking up on the subtle clues in the clue packages. – So, do people like, do Ken like, does he throw you off
every once in a while? I feel like there’s like, some influencing.
– He throws himself off. He throws himself off. He goes on these long tangents and then he doesn’t know where he goes and then somehow he brings it back in. It’s always the most wildest fun guesses. But he keeps us entertained. And he’s like, for me, I have the best job because I get to sit next to him. – Do you think that you and
Robin have kind of an advantage being that you’re professional singers? – I mean, to a point. I mean, for me, that is my
biggest clue skill I think, is to be able to, Robin as well, to hear if the person’s
a trained singer or not, guessing the age range
if they’re professional, if they have a different profession. But you’ll be surprised. That’s why people come on this show because they have these
really raw, hidden talents. You’re like, oh my gosh,
this is something that you’re completely not known for, and now the whole world gets
to hear your beautiful voice. – Do you ever live in fear
that they’re going to, like the producers are going
to intentionally punk you by putting somebody you know on there? – I don’t live in fear, but I will tell you I have been very floored this season on some of the people that I have found out
that have been on the show that I was like, I had no, I had no idea. – Wow. (laughter) – I think it’s happened to all of us because we all realize like, we forget that a lot of those people are friends underneath the masks. But you have no idea. Then they unveil themselves,
and you’re like, what? I had no idea. And they’re like, I’ve been
hiding from you all along. – Last season, who did you know the most? Who was it that you knew
outside of the competition and you were the most
surprised that you didn’t, you maybe didn’t get it? Or did you get it? – I was, I think we were all
the most surprised with T-Pain, the winner, because no
one guessed him at all. Just what a beautiful story he told and how amazing did he sound on our show and have the courage, all of
the contestants last year, to have the bravery and the courage to come out and be the
first to do something so new on this show and take a chance and to be so bold to
tell their untold stories from their points of view,
not just from the media’s point of view or what you read in papers. So yeah. – Have you ever been tempted to try one of those costumes on? – No. (laughter) If I don’t have enough
time to go for a nice steam or an infrared sauna,
I should probably just put one of those on and sweat it out. But I would love to maybe sing, maybe sing and surprise my fellow judges underneath one of those one day. – Is there something
about when people sing versus when they talk? You’ve done voice acting. You were in Moana. People are usually pretty
good at recognizing celebrities’ voices. But when they’re singing,
is it a different deal? – It is a different deal, especially if, a lot of
these people come from all platforms of media, so a lot of them you’ve never even heard their singing voices. You’ve only heard their speaking voices and still that’s hard enough already. And to be able to hear these
voices, you can’t always tell. Half the time, when
people are from England, they sing and they sound
like they’re from America. – [Marya] That’s true. – So it’s like, you really don’t know. – What is your top three
people that you would love, like bucket list, that
you would love to see hiding under one of those costumes? – I mean, it would be kinda stupid if Stevie Wonder was underneath a costume. – That would be amazing.
– But we’d all know his voice right away, we’d be like,
that’s Stevie Wonder, you know that’s Stevie Wonder. Babs. Come on out, Babs. Take off the mask. Oprah. I’m just getting silly now. – I’m sure she has, I’m sure
her singing voice is amazing. – Really? – Yeah, Oprah? – Yeah? – I feel like it. I feel like she’s got such a
beautiful sing-songy voice, but we’ve never really heard her sing. – She probably has like,
probably a soulful, rich voice. – And she can do anything. – Yeah, that’s true.
– She can do anything. Do you really think that
Nick Cannon does not know who the singers are? – Oh yeah, for sure. They keep everything on lockdown. It’s like, no joke. – But he gets so close to them. – If there’s anyone who’s
going to guess it first between all of us, it would be Nick because he is the one that’s
standing next to them. He kinda gets their physicality, and he gets to hear them speak sometimes. So he guesses before us. But he never tells us who it is if he thinks he knows it, who it is. – Okay, so I know you don’t
want to get into the costumes just for the discomfort of it all, but say you’re a contestant.
– I could do it. I could power through, I
could get in a costume. – Okay, so say you’re a contestant. What’s your song choice? What’s your costume? – Oh my gosh. What’s my song choice and my costume? Maybe I would sing Never Enough
from The Greatest Showman as a sushi roll. – (laughs) That’s great, I love it. – It could be anything. It could be a California
roll, it could be tuna. I just want a little wasabi hat. – (laughs) Amazing. So I mean, these masked singers, they’re enjoying this
brief moment of anonymity. Do you ever wish you could be anonymous? – Sometimes when, like for example, just gotten off another 15-hour flight, landed in Australia,
went and did a workout, decide I have enough time
to run down the street to try to take a picture
with the Sydney Opera House behind me, and I swear I
hear clicks and I’m like, god is that, am I going crazy? It’s really, it’s nine in the morning. Surely, there’s not a camera. No one would even know. I just ran over to this random street. And it’s times like that when you’re like, wow it’s so weird that you
never know who’s watching or who’s documenting
you, it’s quite invasive. But I, I realize it happens to everybody when you’re in the, when
you’ve reached a certain point in the limelight or whatever and that it’s a part of it. – One of the things that’s
beautiful about The Masked Singer is, like I said, for a brief moment, these celebrities are
experiencing anonymity again. They’re being judged also
purely on their singing voice. Is that kind of a cool thing to be a part of a show that judges people based on their
beautiful singing voices and not on their looks or
what they’ve done before or any of those things,
just for that moment? – Yeah, I love that because not to compare it to The
Voice but I know that with The Voice, they’re turned around and they’re only judging
them off of their voices. So not only is it based
off of their raw talent but it’s actually based
off of their stories. And I think that’s the
beautiful part of it, is that these people get to tell you a little bit of who they are without any stereotypes or what
everybody has said about them or written about them. And you realize through this show, we’re a lot more connected
and all a lot more alike than we realize, that we’re like, wow we all go through
very similar struggles and battles and we all
feel this way about things and we’re just, it’s kinda beautiful. But then you have the lightheartedness and the fun of the show,
so I think that people, not only are they engaged
in the guessing game but they connect to that
real human aspect of it. – Well, we always love
watching your energy, Nicole. You’re the first one out
of your seat every time, and it’s a beautiful thing. – Hey, I’m here for it. Show up, 100%, all the time. – Thank you so much. We’ll be looking for you on Fox. Masked Singer, check it out.


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