My Song

[PIANO PLAYING] It was 2012. And it was February 13th. I remember that because it was the day before
Valentine’s Day, and I was going to go pick up flowers for my girlfriend. So I was going to set an alarm to do that;
it was my first time doing that on an iPhone because I had just gotten it that Christmas. And I was going, scrolling through to pick an alarm sound… and there it was… my song. I couldn’t believe it. It was a song I had written years ago, and
there it was without my knowledge or my consent on my phone. [PIANO PLAYING] And that’s my song, you know. And I wrote that in the 90s. And like yeah, people who know me, they’ll be like “Yeah you write a lot of songs,” but that’s my signature song. That’s like… that’s me. That’s my heart and soul. And they just took it. They just took it. Didn’t tell me. Certainly didn’t pay me. And nowhere do I get credit. And the worst part is they’re not even including the lyrics. The lyrics are the best part. So you’re not even getting the full experience. Like the song is supposed to be… [SINGING] I’m a boy. I’m just a little boy! Give me juice. Give me some apple juice! There’s a dog. Let’s pet the pretty dog! You know, it’s like a seven minute song. So there’s so many lyrics people are missing out on. [PIANO PLAYING] What can I even do about it? I feel powerless. You know, they’re Apple. I’m just a musician. I’ve tried contacting them; that doesn’t get me anywhere. So I was just wondering if there’s anyone
I can talk to about getting credit for my song. “Sir, if it’s not a hardware or software issue, you’ll have to take up your issue with our legal team.” They always say this. I guess the only thing I really can do now
is just keep on making music. This is a composition that’s new that I really like. [SINGING] Would you like to have a breakfast sandwich with me?


I am Joe Kwaczala's biggest fan and I have been for a long time since way before he got huge. So, yeah… me: Joe Kwaczala's biggest longtime fan.

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