My Singing Monsters – Potbelly (All Monster Sounds)

bah bahna bah bahbahdabah babadaba babada bow badow bow bowbadowba ba ba ba badadada (Ba in the background) ba ba ba beh beh bebeh beh beh beh beh beh beh bebeh bah bahda bah bahda bah bahdaba bah bahbadabah bah bahbadabah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah



"Noggin" is a slang for head. As this monster is mostly head with almost no sign of limbs, it's name might come from this informal word

It sounds like u did it and no I’m not trying to burn/roast u but seriously it sounds like a collage kid

ба ба ба ба бабабабаб па па ап ап па па па па пам пааарам паам рапамарм рам пам

0:20 potbelly: Bap bap banana bap bap bap!!

Me as potbelly: Pop!!!!!!!! Pop pop pop pop pop!!!!! Pop pop the banana!!!!!

0:01 plant island
0:14 cold island
0:21 water island
0:27 earth island
0:36 gold island
0:46 shugabush island
0:51 tribal island

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