Hi, Guys! I’m back on my channel! It’s been a while. I’ve been busy with school. Today’s video, I’m going to be doing a music playlist. I have a lot of good songs at the moment. I’m not going to show you all of them. That’s like, a two day video! I’m not going to do that! I don’t know if you guys noticed, I have over 2,000 subscribers! I thank you so much for that! That gives me motivation to work on my videos more. So thank you again! The next, future videos, I plan on doing a give away, but I don’t know how to do that yet. I’m going to figure that out. And I also want to do a Q&A. I find those entertaining. Yeah, so, keep up to date with my videos! Ok. Back to the video! My first song, out of the top of my head, is my favorite song. From…since…well, for a few years now. It’s called Body Movin’ Fat Boy Slim Remix by the Bestie Boys. I love that song! I like the beats of it. It’s loud too. The next bomb song on my playlist is called The Stars Just Blink for Us by Say Hi. Here goes. The next song is called Flowers and Monsters by Slow Loris. This next song is called Chinese New Year by Sales. I heard the Sales full album before and OMG! The whole album is just SO good! I love every song. So… Let’s play the song. Next song is What Would I Do by Strawberry Guy. Blue Honey by Lunar Vacation. Fence by Soda Shop. Another song is called Prune, You Talk Funny by Gus Dapperton. Rivers & Roads by The Head and the Heart. Lightenup by Parcels. That is it for today’s video! Give this video a thumbs up, subscribe if you haven’t, see you next Mond…I mean, Sunday! My head… See you next Sunday. Bye!

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