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Music can save the world! Do you believe that? Watch this video. Hello, my name is Ramesha, I’m a singer and
a voice teacher.This is a little bit of an appeal to all singers and musicians in the
world. You know, I often think about the times we
live in, there’s unrest, there’s polarization about everything: politics, ideologies, …there
seems to be a growing unrest in people’s consciousness and minds. There’s all kinds of opinions being tossed
all around, and sometimes people don’t know where to turn. The mind starts to get confused and there’s
too many ideas, you don’t know what to choose. I read that when the brain has more than 3
options to choose from, it doesn’t know what to do, it almost doesn’t want to choose anything. In my experience with singing… As you probably know from previous videos,
I live in a spiritual community, I sing primarily spiritual and I’ve been going around and giving
concerts a little bit everywhere. We were in LA for 3 years and that’s what
we did there primarily. What I noticed is that, even among the people
who…you look at them and you would never think they would be interested in spiritual
music, but they would come up and comment on how touched they were by it. That really taught me a big lesson: everybody
needs music that is uplifting and inspiring. Why? Because the heart needs that. You see, the only way to get out of confusion
is to raise your energy and be in an uplifted state, and when you’re in that state you’re
more likely to have the clarity to choose the right things for you. As opposed to when you’re in despair, and
you’re down, sad, and all of a sudden you feel like nothing really works. You feel like there’s no hope. Isn’t it true? The worse you feel, and the worse you feel. The better you feel and the better you feel. It’s just of those interesting things of life
where, if you’re in a mood you see everything dark, everything is hopeless, and you almost
want to check out. But when you’re in a good mood, everything
is good and you start to see possibilities “Oh I could do that…”. Music can be a powerful, powerful tool to
help people be in that space and to help them stay more in that space. Why? Because music is vibration. When you hear a song, even if it’s instrumental,
even if there’s no lyrics the vibrations of the sound go straight to the heart. It by-passes your mind, it by-passes your
ideas, your thoughts and goes straight to the heart and it affects the way you feel. So if you hear a melody that is uplifting,
all of a sudden your whole being starts to be better. I have done a lot of experiments here with
our music to see how quickly the music affects your mood. It’s amazing! And so, it’s very important to choose music
that is not pulling you down, especially when you’re already down! You don’t want to feel even more depressed
when you’re already depressed. As singers, we have a huge responsibility
that way. When we sing, we want to really cooperate
with the energy of a song that is uplifting and inspiring and do our best to put out the
intention of conveying those feelings, and not be absentminded as we sing. It’s very very important to be right there,
especially if there are beautiful, meaningful lyrics, think about what you’re saying. Try to feel what you’re saying, not just think
but feel what you’re saying. Feel it deeply. And then, as you sing, put that intention
out. That way people will receive it. If you do that more and more, you yourself
will feel uplifted and inspired, but also the people you’re singing for will feel that
way more and more. Personally, this is my own personal take on
this, I feel that really this is the highest and most important reason for singing. I don’t think I would interested so much in
performing if I didn’t feel that, by doing so and committing myself to being really open
and to be a channel for feelings that are important and deep and inspiring, if I didn’t
feel that, I don’t think that I would be that interested in singing…I probably would because
I’m a singer and a musician and that’s what I do, but I don’t think I would feel that
what I do is that meaningful. It would be more like fun “Oh ya let’s sing
song”. And this is how people view music in general
“It’s fun”. Yeah it is, it’s fun, but it’s not only fun
it can also really help people. And you know, changing the world is really
helping one person at a time to open their hearts, to calm their hearts so that they
can feel at peace, they can feel uplifted, they can feel loved. Those are feelings that we all need. We all need them, whether we admit it or not. It’s only when our hart is calm and peaceful
and open that we can really make wise decisions and decide to forgive, instead of being revengeful,
or to be kind to somebody, even when they’re not being kind to us…all the good things
that we know we should be doing. But music can really help to convey these
feelings and help people feel that way. So, I hope I convinced you about this. I deeply believe in it personally. I’m not saying that you have to also. But experiment with it and see if there’s
some truth in it that works for you and maybe let me know in the comments below…that would
be really cool if we could start a conversation this way. Ok, I hope you enjoyed the video, consider
giving it a thumbs-up, and also subscribing to my channel. Have a good day. Bye!


As a singer, you have a great responsibility and an opportunity to really make a difference in your life and in the life of many others.

I share with you Ramesha because I have been singing to the very sick and dying in the past 20 years. I share the love of Jesus to them and at the end of the concert they have hope to continue their journey in life. Change the world? I say yes, with one person at a time!

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